Valentine Cards 2023!


Hey everyone! Brighella here.

Hope you’ve had a great February so far, this short month is almost over! We announced our Valentine contest winners last week, but there are so many more valentines to feature! This year we narrowed it down and had you all vote on Instagram on Valentine’s Day! Great job to @Goobaandjetpack, @Jenn.alli, and @Im_small_fry for your cards chosen by the community.

This one by @Boardgamingmama got lots of comments, thanks Mama! Really brought back those jump-scare moments for a lot of us. Prepare yourselves for nightmares tonight.

casey_nickerson1 | jenn.alli | isabelrreilly | cosmiccarousel | amylucio

We had mostly digitally-made cards but there were a few hand-made cards that I know Nancy would love! Which one is your favorite? I’d love to receive the phone-charm valentine, but that Lukas and Jane one is so sweet!

goobaandjetpack | bess_is_my_spirit_animal | itsuptoyouaspunchlarue | theheelstretchdiaries

Very popular this year was everyone’s favorite professor, Beatrice Hotchkiss! Safe to say that we saw no shortage of chicken-related puns. It’s fine though because she’s the old lady icon we all need in our lives.

im_small_fry | itsuptoyouaspunchylarue | bess_is_my_spirit_animal | misshongfa

Next we had several valentines featuring the guys in Nancy’s life! It’s always heart-warming to see Frank, Joe, and Ned make an appearance. For me, it’s no question that the hand-drawn one of Joe is the cheesiest!


We’ve also got to give a major shout-out to @Bess_is_my_spirit_animal for submitting more than 20 Valentine cards! That’s a lot of the Valentine season to devote to Nancy Drew! We hope these cards made your holiday a little brighter.

To see every entry we received, check out this video below! Of course we always get the best social media interactions from Ned’s wonderful voice actor, Scott. In his words, and we’ve definitely got to agree, “These are fantastic, well done everyone!


7 responses to “Valentine Cards 2023!”

  1. Danielle says:

    Great job to everyone who submitted! Any update on the next game?

  2. Bridget says:

    You will never be as good as Little Jackalope lmao

  3. concernedplayer says:

    Any news on the next game?

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