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Friday the 13th, 2017

Aaaaand the last but most scariest Nancy Drew moment goes to the Yurei in the baths in Nancy Drew: Shadow at the Water’s Edge! In honor of today, we have this game on sale! Get 50% off with promo code 13FRIDAY at checkout! Also, if you are a fan of Tino Balducci, you’ll love this […]

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Thursday Scares

Here’s yesterday’s and today’s scary moments from the Nancy Drew games: Would you agree that Ethel’s sudden appearance was a rather scary moment? I jump every time… What do you suppose tomorrow’s best scare will be? -Little Jackalope

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Costumes and Conventions

Hey all! Today we launch our costume contest! While everyone will get a T-shirt for participating, only one lucky winner will get a $100 Amazon gift card. Learn more here! Also, I will be attending the Nancy Drew convention from Thursday to Sunday, so watch our activities on Facebook and Twitter for updates. I will […]

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Black Cats on Halloween

Today’s Halloween Trivia Fact! I’m not superstitious. I like cats (and dogs) so if one crosses my path, I’d call out to it to pet it. 🙂 And the 13 Nancy Drew scares are getting spookier… -Little Jackalope

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13 Scares 7-9

This weekend’s last scare moments are getting creepier! What was your scariest Nancy Drew moment? As for the weekend puzzle, the answer was 28. The glowstick was worth 2, the ghost was 4, the mask was 20, and the rose was 10. -Little Jackalope

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Halloween Events 2017 (Weekend Puzzle #356)

We have launched our annual Pumpkin Carving Contest! Learn more about it here. Also, we have scheduled our Halloween Twitch party! We are playing Nancy Drew: Ghost of Thornton Hall! Mark your calendars and follow us for free here. Today’s 13 scare moment is from The Captive Curse. Not gonna lie, when I saw this […]

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Poll: Nancy Candy & Scary Doors

We have a just for fun poll for you today! Besides KoKo Kringles, what candy would Nancy Drew enjoy the most for Halloween? A) Koko Mallows B) Moon Chunk C) Lickie Loo Lollipops D) Auntie’s Acorns Today’s 13 scares moment is from Shadow at the Water’s Edge. Did you get spooked when this moment happened? […]

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The Seance Scare

Today’s scare moment: from Message in a Haunted Mansion. Also, today’s words of wisdom come from Rentaro: -Little Jackalope

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Jolly Rogers and Halloween Trivia 1

The countdown continues! Today’s scare is from Legend of the Crystal Skull. Today we also shared a fun trivia fact about Halloween: And it also happens to be National Boyfriend Day. Who would you pick to be your boyfriend from the characters of the Nancy Drew world? We have a special birthday to celebrate! -Little […]

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13 Days of Nancy Drew Scares

Yesterday we began a 13 day countdown of big scare moments from the Nancy Drew games. This is just for fun, and we will have a sale on Friday the 13th. That is also the day we will be at the Nancy Drew convention, so be on the lookout for all kinds of social media […]

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