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WAC: Day 1 Twitch Party

Today we start playing Nancy Drew: Warnings at Waverly Academy LIVE on Twitch! Follow us and subscribe to join! We will be giving a prize away each day. As for the weekend puzzle that I had you linger on for a few extra days… Here’s the solution: it’s ASCII code! Also known as ALT code, […]

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The 1930s and 50s Books

Did you ever read the Nancy Drew books? If so, were they the originals, blue with an illustrated dust cover from the 1930s? Or were the yellow, shorter, and from the 1950s or later? The yellow ones were certainly more popular — at least when I talked about the books and hunted for them at […]

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National Candy Day 2016 (And Weekend Puzzle #322)

Do you need an extra reason to eat chocolate today? Well, here you go! Which of these would be your favorite candy in real life? Sleuths in the U.S! Don’t forget to switch your clocks back Saturday night/Sunday morning! Here’s your weekend puzzle: 84. 117. 110. 101. 32. 105. 110. 32. 116. 111. 32. 116. […]

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National Sandwich Day

Happy National Sandwich day! Today we remember the time in Danger on Deception Island where we had fun making sandwiches. (We also did this in Warnings at Waverly Academy.) But today we have a Throwback Thursday sale on DDI. Use promo code DDI-50 at checkout when purchasing the digital download. Enjoy! I really like this […]

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Holiday Planning

We are starting the planning on Thanksgiving and Christmas events and sales, so I’ve been brainstorming a few fun things. BUT… I could use your help! The first project involves many items. Here’s the list I need help making: what are the most iconic items you remember from all the Nancy Drew games? For example: […]

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Contest Winners and Halloween Party Video

We have some contest winners to announce! (It was a REALLY hard vote for us in the office!) But the tally is made, and here are the results: Thanks again for everyone’s participation! I just have to show off a few noteworthy honorable mentions: The office favorite that didn’t place: If you missed the Halloween […]

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