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Released May 13, 2016

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Nancy Drew®: Codes & Clues® and Free Companion Activities

For early learners, Nancy Drew: Codes & Clues sparks an interest in coding through a fun and engaging story. The mystery adventure story also builds critical thinking and reading skills as kids read along with story dialogue. Nancy Drew is not a complicated app. Parents or kids DO NOT need to have any prior knowledge of programming. It’s just full of fun education, music and principles of coding.


Unique and Creative Storyline!

As a member of Nancy Drew’s De-TECH-Tive crew, choose disguises, find clues, and program your Robot Puppy to solve the mystery of a missing project at the Tech Fair.

The fun mystery unfolds in a full narrative story spanning six chapters, as Nancy and friends encounter students who may have taken the missing project. Help Nancy track down suspects and discover what happened to the project before the Tech Fair competition begins!

Throughout the game players develop and use their growing de-TECH-tive skills. Players find clues in hidden object games and apply basic coding concepts to code their Robot Puppy and help Nancy out of tight spots at the end of every chapter.

The coding challenges increase as the story progresses and leads to a Super Coder award. Not only is it a great way for kids to get some basic education on coding skills and knowledge, but it’s also a great way to keep them entertained and challenged.

“The strength is that the coding element is useful within the story instead of being an isolated skill out of context.”

–  Common Sense Media


  • Watch MINI VIDEOS: Let’s investigate STEM Heroes – click here!
  • Get DOWNLOADABLE ACTIVITY SHEETS – see downloads button below!
  • Enjoy ANIMATED mystery stories with Nancy and her friends – click here!

The Case of the Missing Robot Puppy


Surprise! Play Codes & Clues Today!



“As an instructional technology teacher, Nancy Drew: Codes & Clues, gets my kids excited about coding and puts those skills in a fun and familiar context. Who could want more than that?”– Lindsey, Instructional Technology Teacher

“The most important part of the app is also my favorite part of the app. It dispels any fears kids may have of coding—which sounds like a scary word at first. It’s an amazing introduction to teach kids coding in an easy, approachable way.” – Maddie Michalik, The Toy Insider
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“Nancy Drew is known for good stories, and the story in Nancy Drew Codes & Clues is a relatively compelling narrative that can have a wide range of appeal. The story will keep kids interested throughout the six chapter experience in the classic style of “Whodunnit?” Nancy Drew Codes & Clues delivers an entertaining experience with a dash of education making it well worth picking up.” Rated 4/5 Stars – Trevor Sheridan, Apple-N-Apps
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“It has a lot of appealing elements, like a narrative, relatively diverse characters, and a girl-power focus. Another strength is that the coding element is useful within the story instead of being an isolated skill out of context.” Rated 3/5 Stars – Amanda Bindel, Common Sense Media
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“To my mind, the coding that goes into moving the robot dog is too educational to pass on. Plus, you will be opening these youngsters to a vast amount of reading material that many of us have enjoyed in the past. I have no doubt that by playing this game I have instilled in my grand kids the desire to read some Nancy Drew books. They will remember playing this game and will want to further explore the escapades of this detective.” – Marcel Dufresne, MacIntosh Users East

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Her Interactive
Average rating:  
 5 reviews
 by Samantha
Love, Love, Love

I loved this game game and so did my daughter. Please make more 🙂

 by Helen Parr

I enjoyed this game. There is just one problem. WHERE IS NED?! And When will Midnight in Salem come out? 🙁

 by Huw Miller

Late last year, I wrote a first impressions review from the idea and "trailer". Now, I've played the full game and love it! I wouldn't give it 5 stars, but if I could give it a 4.5 I would. Seriously, I'm 15 and I really enjoy it! It is a little laggy for me, but I'm using an iPhone 4, so... Otherwise the art, music, and characters are awesome! When you complete certain activities, you unlock an achievement. That gives kids (and myself) satisfaction for completing it. It's very well put together and should be played. I don't want to spoil everything because then there wouldn't as much of a point to get it. I was really excited to play it and hope for more. Congrats on a great game Her Interactive!

 by Lindsey Dunn
Love this app!

For decades, Nancy Drew’s books have been synonymous with discovery and mystery solving. Now in app form, this new adaptation captures that same sense of adventure and puzzle solving, all the while building important computational thinking skills. Just as in the mystery novels, students decompose a complex story into smaller, more manageable tasks in order to build a case based upon sequential logic, just like a computer programmer would construct an algorithm. As an instructional technology teacher, Codes & Clues gets my kids excited about coding and puts those skills in a fun and familiar context. Who could want more than that?

 by Huw Miller

At first glance, I was like "Mmm, no not for me." But then I watched the trailer and I then was like "Mmm, maybe this should be tried out. It's a fantastic idea. Since it's not out yet, I am wondering how hard it is going to be for kids. Coding isn't easy, but if it will work for kids, I'm going to try it out.

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Released May 13, 2016

Operating System:

Android Jellybean or higher


Kids will learn two of the three basic logic structures in computer programming:

  • Sequences
  • Loops


Super de-TECH-tives will develop critical thinking skills:

  • Pattern recognition
  • Spatial visualization
  • Problem solving
  • Algorithmic thinking
  • Attention to detail


Kids will follow the story and have fun while narrowing down their list of suspects:

  • Read along with story dialogue!
  • Find clues within 20+ hidden object games!
  • Review clues, evidence, and possible suspects in the player’s Clue Book!
  • Select undercover disguises for Nancy, Bess and George!
  • Investigate a new location in each chapter!
  • Play bonus coding levels in Obstacle Course mode!
  • Collect in-game charms!
  • Listen to the “Codes & Clues” theme song composed by Berklee College of Music contest winner, Ana Tish, performed by Sofia Mazursky and produced by Grammy Award winner Tena Clark.

Kids will love this new Nancy Drew mobile mystery just as many generations have loved the books. Come join Nancy, Bess and George on an adventure that entertains and educates with equal measure. This is going to be fun!



Read more about Nancy Drew: Codes & Clues in the official press release.

For any issues regarding the installation of the app, please refer to our FAQ’s in the Support Section.

Watch the Codes & Clues Animated Series on YouTube

Nancy Drew

Super de-TECH-tive Nancy Drew won a spot at this year’s Tech Fair with her project, a robot puppy. Naturally curious, Nancy seems to find mysteries wherever she goes. If she sees a problem, she wants to fix it, but also knows that some cases are best solved with teamwork.
Nancy Drew, Tech Fair detective

Bess Marvin

One of Nancy’s best friends, and George’s cousin, Bess is very sociable and enjoys meeting new people. She’s quick to spot when someone may not be telling the truth, and is willing to call them out on it. She gets nervous in small spaces, but is the first to volunteer for any task.
Bess Marvin, Nancy Drew’s BFF

Georgia “George” Fayne

Nancy’s other best friend, and cousin to Bess, George is all about solving problems with logic. She loves coding, science, and math, and uses her tech skills to discover the facts. George is always ready to tackle anything that comes her way.

Georgia “George” Fayne, Nancy Drew’s BFF

Robot Puppy

Designed and created by Nancy, Bess, and George, Robot Puppy is their entry into the Tech Fair. Puppy helps get the girls out of sticky situations while they’re searching for Alexa’s missing Gustave Project.
Robot Puppy

Alexa Jones

Alexa is the one to beat at this year’s Tech Fair. She combined her love of dogs and technology to create a project that may just take first prize! She worked hard all year to complete her entry, the Gustave Project (named after her real dog), and after missing out on the top spot last year, is eager to win this time around. When her project goes missing, it becomes anyone’s game for first place.
Alexa Jones, Tech Fair competitor

Tommy Rojas

Tommy is last year’s Tech Fair winner, and Alexa’s biggest competition. His table is right next to hers, and the two are both fighting for top spot this year. How far will Tommy go in order to win two years in a row?

Tommy Rojas, Tech Fair competitor

Sydney Chen

Sydney is Alexa’s best friend. Her love of sports keeps her super busy outside on the fields, but Sydney would do anything for Alexa. So why is she oddly happy to learn that Alexa’s Gustave Project has gone missing? Would Sydney ever betray her best friend?

Sydney Chen, Alexa’s BFF

Jack Hansen

Jack is good with computers, and teamed up with Tyler to build a Tech Fair project unlike any other. With his coding skills backing Tyler’s artistic design, can their team of two beat out both Alexa and Tommy at the Tech Fair?
Jack Hansen, good with computers

Tyler Wright

Tyler loves music above all else, and spends his free time dreaming up musical inventions. He joined up with Jack to build their Tech Fair project together. Is Tyler willing to play out of tune in order to steal the spotlight this year?
Tyler Wright, makes musical inventions

DIY Robot Puppy Print Outs- Robot Puppy Head and Tail Print Out

DIY Robot Puppy Instructions- Make a Robot Puppy Slinky

Codes & Clues Coloring Page- Nancy Drew and Robot Puppy Coloring Page

Codes & Clues Desktop Wallpaper- Nancy Drew and Robot Puppy Desktop Wallpaper

Codes & Clues Mobile Wallpaper- Nancy Drew and Robot Puppy Mobile Wallpaper

Codes & Clues Card Matching Game – Nancy Drew: Codes & Clues Card Matching Game

Nancy Drew Mad Lib – Printout PNG

Nancy Drew: Codes & Clues Mad Lib – Printout PNG

Codes & Clues Card Bookmark – Reading Rules Bookmark PDF 

Robot Puppy Puppet – Puppy Printout PDF

Robot Puppy Puppet – Instructions PDF

International Programmers’ Day Card – Card Printout PNG

Robot Puppy Snowflake Cutout Sheet – Snowflake Printout PDF

Logic Puzzle – Puzzle Printout PDF

Robot Puppy Maze – Maze Printout PNG

Nancy Drew: Codes & Clues Word Search – Word Search Printout

Nancy Drew: Codes & Clues

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