Trivia and a Twitter Party!

Here’s an easy trivia question for you from Labyrinth of Lies. Have you recently re-played this mystery?


Head’s up! If you have a Twitter account, be sure to follow us. Tomorrow at 11 am Pacific time we are having a Twitter party! This time we talk about our latest game, Nancy Drew: Codes & Clues and will be giving away gift cards and Kindle Fires to lucky participants. I hope to see you there!


-Little Jackalope

16 responses to “Trivia and a Twitter Party!”

  1. Erin says:

    I love labyrinth of lies! It is one of my favorite Nancy Drew games! 🙂 Also, could I have a birthday shout out this Friday, May 27th? I will be 23! Thanks! 🙂

  2. Rebecca says:


  3. Karesha3 says:


  4. Jennifer Essad says:

    @4jlessad, Awesome fun ahead, can’t wait, school’s out tomorrow for us

  5. Isaac Tamez says:

    hey LJ when the twitter party starts how do I get in it?:)

    • Little Jackalope says:

      Hi Isaac! No need to RSVP. Simply follow us @HerInteractive and be following the hashtag on Twitter #NancyDrewCodes. We will be starting in an hour!

  6. Nupur says:

    Looking forward to the chat
    RSVP @Nupurg_Ghosh

  7. Isaac Tamez says:

    Who Here knows who Kyary Pamyy Pamyu is?

  8. @ppre732 says:

    rsvp @ppre732

  9. Isaac Tamez says:

    How do I tweet on the list where everyone puts their answers?

  10. EJ says:


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