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Office Rumbling

Today’s excitement in the office is really what’s happening outside: landscaping. There are some landscapers working just outside our building’s doors and they are using some big machinery to tear up the ground. These machines are shaking the building so it continuously feels like a little earthquake. What exactly are they doing? I’m not sure; […]

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National Video Games Day (And Weekend Puzzle #286)

ThisTSaturday is National VideoEGames day! We areTcelebrating with a sale on Shadow at the Water’s Edge (in case you haven’t played it,Tyou canVget it for half off!)IThis sale is only good on Saturday,ASeptember 12th. I will certainlyObe celebratingRthis day by playing someEvideo games. But which Nancy Drew gameLshall I replay…? As for my silly secret […]

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Finding Tiles

Today’s Throwback Thursday memory is from one of my favorite games: Message in a Haunted Mansion. The tiles were fun to locate in the game, and the reward was sooo much fun! This was my first Nancy Drew game, and if you haven’t played this one, we have a  one-day sale happening on the digital download. […]

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Purchasing Expensive Gifts

Hey all! I was out yesterday working on my project off-site. Today’s moment: Was anyone patient enough to earn all the money required to purchase this gift in Sea of Darkness? I sure wasn’t! Although, it would certainly help in the trophy-collecting mission if I had… We have a belated birthday to celebrate! -Little Jackalope

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Labor Day Weekend + Puzzle #285

It’s Labor Day Weekend! We will be out of the office to observe this, and we will be back in the office on Tuesday, September 8th. In honor of this, we have a sale on all of the Nancy Drew games! We don’t often have a sale on the physical games, so if you wanted […]

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Why Nancy Drew is Awesome

A really fun article was posted today about Nancy Drew, check it out here! (Pardon the language!) XD Also, if you want to get Trail of the Twister (digital download) to add to your collection, we are having a Throwback Thursday sale on it! (50% off using promo code TOT50 at checkout). -Little Jackalope

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Fans, Prizes & Weddings

We have the sweetest fans ever! Over the past couple of months, we have received wedding invitations from four different fans. They were so cute! I’m excited for the couples who were getting married, and extra honored that they shared the news with us. 😀 In the social media world, our fans are sharing more […]

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Finding Old Souvenirs

One of my favorite types of “Easter Egg” is finding familiar objects in the games. Recently I spent time in Nancy’s bedroom in Alibi in Ashes, and I admired all of her souvenirs from past games, can you identify them all?   -Little Jackalope

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