Puppy Distractions

Today one of our team members brought in her new German Shepard puppy. Her name is Honey Bear since she looks like a little bear cub. SO CUTE! Needles to say, most of the office was rather distracted and thrilled with our visiting mascot today. <3

HerInteractive_Puppy01 HerInteractive_Puppy02 HerInteractive_Puppy03

I sort of imagine Nancy’s dog, Togo, to have this look, but I know Togo is a type of terrier. 🙂

-Little Jackalope

11 responses to “Puppy Distractions”

  1. Karesha2 says:

    I love puppies!

  2. Angela says:

    Very cute!

  3. NDsolver says:

    German Shepard! Ah!!!!! I love German Shepard’s! It’s so cute! I can see why everyone was distracted! Who wouldn’t be!

  4. SpyGirl says:

    She’s adorable!

  5. Anne says:

    AW! Oh my gravy, she is SO adorable!! 🙂

  6. Nancy fan says:

    soooooo cute!
    I was thinking about getting one soon….. now i think i will!

  7. Foundation2430 says:

    I know this completely random. But I have a question that no one will answer.
    Excited for SEA!!

    But a few questions:::::

    Why did Lani Minella quit? I have looked online as to the reasons but no one knows. So as a fan of Nancy Drew, can I ask “Why Did Lani Minella Quit?”

    Anyway, I know it’s no big deal, I can get used to another voice. But

    Y’all have made everyone curious, that’s for certain.

    • Little Jackalope says:

      Hi Foundation2430,
      Lani will still be the voice of Nancy in our next game: Sea of Darkness. More info to come in the future!

  8. Isis4ever says:

    Ooooohhhhh! So tiny and cute and fluffy and cuddleable!

  9. Samantha Q. says:

    Adorable! I hope to see and interact with Togo in future games, too!

  10. ND's #1 fan says:

    AWWWW!!!! Oh my gosh, SO adorable!!!!! 😀

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