Valentine’s Day Card Contest!

One of the things I’ve been working on is preparing for this awesome new contest! (Learn more about this on our official contest page here). As I write this post, I’m seeing a few designs from fans already come in, and they are cute! I’m really excited to see what you all come up with. 😉 Also, I got to touch the prizes since they came in today. Check them out:


OH YEAH! Koko Kringle with each prize! Who wouldn’t want that?

-Little Jackalope

6 responses to “Valentine’s Day Card Contest!”

  1. Karesha2 says:

    I’m crazy for Koko Kringles!

  2. Will L. says:

    Oh my gosh, I love those Hardy Boy/Nancy Drew shows from the 70s! I own all three seasons, LOL! I actually have no idea where we got them, but I always enjoy watching them, even if only to make fun of their “groovy” hair and clothes, and how cheesy the show is! But it’s great, haha! And Koko Kringles! Could life get much better?! XD I’ve never seen that third ND movie though…

  3. NDsolver says:

    Wait like a Koko Kringle you can eat!?!
    But that’s so cool!

  4. SpyGirl says:

    Another awesome contest! 😀
    Are you guys making koko Kringles again? (So cool if you are!)

  5. Ally says:

    Wish me happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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