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What do you suppose the cover art for the Nancy Drew games would look like if they were altered? If Treasure in the Royal Tower had no snow, if Kate showed her entire face on The Silent Spy, if The Phantom of Venice was not wearing his mask? Those would be most interesting!

Fan Mihail re-designed the cover art for Alibi in Ashes with the fire and the floating cloud art:


What you think? How differently could you imagine the other game art?

(Speaking of which, we are currently working on the cover art for Labyrinth of Lies right now! No telling when it will be done, though.)

Looks like a few of you have correctly solved the weekend puzzle. Congrats! And no, there are no typos in it. Watch the video, and match the time code to the puzzle. The number listed is first the word, then the letter that is on the screen. The resulting phrase is [Behind the scene are multiple scenes]. And this refers to Labyrinth of Lies… but that is all I’m going to say. 😉

-Little Jackalope


4 responses to “Different Cover Art”

  1. felicity18 says:

    Hey Little Jackalope!

    I have a question about the Nancy Drew game: White Wolf of Icicle Creek. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to beat this game because of the Fox and Geese game you play with Bill. Do you happen to know any tricks or tips that I could use? I’ve never really been able to get past that point in the game. Anyway, any help that you can provide, I would really appreciate it.

    Thanks in advance,

    P.S. Can’t wait to see the cover art for Labyrinth of Lies!

    • Little Jackalope says:

      Hmm Fox and Geese is a tough one. My only advice is to move your pieces together as a group as much as possible to trap the pig where you want him. Check our message boards… people there might have better advice! 🙂

      • Sheesh4 says:

        @felicity18: There are also online walkthroughs and YouTube videos.

        If you search White Wolf of Icicle Creek UHS, they have a great guide that gives great hints and FINALLY a solution at the end. Really good if you don’t want spoilers.

    • ND's #1 fan says:

      Hi Felicity! I had a horrible time with Fox and Geese too…so much so I gave up on the game for like, 2 months! LOL don’t do what I did 😉 It still took me a while to solve… I say try and find a strategy (the game almost reminds me of chess in a way!) and whatever you do DON’T give up on the game. It’s a fun game after the puzzle! But if you’re REALLY stuck, this thread should help!
      http://tinyurl.com/foxandgeese HIH and good luck!! 😀

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