Mother’s Day Weekend!

Happy early Mother’s day! We are celebrating with a sale on the game about Nancy’s own mom, Kate Drew in The Silent Spy.


For those of you who are following, the next Nancy Drew marathon game we play is Ransom of the Seven Ships. This game feels a little similar to MED when I play it, but I think MED is more fun. Plus MED has the real Soony Joon instead of just his doodles and notes. 😉

Here’s your weekend puzzle!


-Little Jackalope

8 responses to “Mother’s Day Weekend!”

  1. Nathaniel says:

    I keep thinking of it as letters
    I really want to solve this one 😛

  2. Firestone2430 says:

    Will there ever be another remastered game besides, Secrets Can Kill. Some of the older games are really good. And if they are remastered would e really neat. Since you guys are into a lot of detail over the years. But I think Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake would make an excellent remastered game. Anyway, thats just me. But, it would be really cool.

    • Little Jackalope says:

      At the moment we do not have any plans to remaster any more games. We remastered SCK in honor of Nancy’s 80th anniversary a few years ago. I, too, love Ghost Dogs! It indeed would be awesome to see it in better graphics and with more cinematics!

  3. Firestone2430 says:

    This puzzle reminds me of clocks. The Jackalopes’ legs are the hands. But I still am confused on this one, too. About the SCK Remasterrd game I had forgotten about the 80th Nancy Drew Anniversary. Eventually, it’ll be Nancy’s 100th Anniversary. Anyway, a few more days til MED. I am more excited about this game and the trailer than any other game. Weird.

  4. Wheatley says:

    Hey there LJ!

    I was just going back and re watching all the vlog post’s you made. and i was wondering…. are you going to do more??? I really miss them! I got soooo excited (like through the roof excited!) about DED with all the movies you did before it came out. But i’m not that excited about MED…. it might be because I really haven’t seen enough or learned enough to get excited. Would you consider making more vlog posts about ND31?



    • Little Jackalope says:

      I may do more in the future! Perhaps other projects and videos will be worked on first, though. We’ll just have to wait and see! 😉 But thanks! I’m glad you liked them! XD

  5. Firestone2430 says:

    You mentioned in a previous post about *might* work on nook. Uhmmm… Clue please. I’ve looked on the store and all I can find is Nancy drew books. I’ve read all those and I like mysteries. I have all the Nancy drew games on my computer(major saving) but it would be neat to have one on my nook tablet. But if you guys can’t, i understand. I still play them on my computer. But it has the screen for it. It isn’t like a iPhone. Well, I’ve taken too much of your alls time with my silly inane questions.

    • Little Jackalope says:

      Hey Firestone2430, these are actually good questions. In order for it to possibly work on the Nook, you’d have to go through Google Play’s apps to get it, since the Nook operates on an Android device.

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