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So today is filled with a bunch of random notes.

First random note: Today’s the last day to post a caption to our Facebook Caption Contest photo (we pick a winner tomorrow).

Second Random note: We are working on a new employee interview video for this week. Who do you suppose will get the spotlight this time?

Third random note: A red Panda. With flat Sonny. Enough said.

Fourth random note: There are a lot of great fan photos of flat Sonny posted to our Facebook page! Sonny has visited castles, cathedrals, fairs, rodeos, and so many more places! One of them is of Sonny at Campo Santa Maria Formosa, in Venice Italy! Sound familiar? He’s at a costume shop!

Fifth random note: The blog puzzle was missing a letter: E
My bad. This is the complete letters list, I will let you try solving it before I fully reveal the answer tomorrow:

~Little Jackalope~

9 responses to “Videos, Contests, Sonny Joon”

  1. Hannah says:

    I’m having a hard time finding all the Flat Sonny Will Travel entries on your FB page… where are they?? I only see the ones you posted yourself. Or reposted that is. Sorry I’m not that familiar with Facebook! 🙁


  2. William D says:

    That picture is adorable! 😀 I gave my friend an interesting idea for this. I better let her know it’s time!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hey LJ
    Instead of a birthday shout out, could you do a kind of like a get well soon thing for my friend, Essie? She broke the left side of her collarbone two days ago, and one of the pieces is on top of the other one, so she may need surgery to correct it. She’s had Type 1 diabetes since she was three, so if she has to go into surgery, there may be a possibility that some complications could arise. Also, the medical bills would hit pretty hard… Her parents are in the military, so they move a lot, and there are seven other children in the family besides her. It’s a pretty hard time for the family right now, so it would really make them all feel better if they knew they had some support behind them.
    A Concerned Fan

  4. Hi LJ! My birthday is tomorrow and I would really love it if I got a shout-out for my bday! It’s on July 24th, Wednesday! Thank you!

  5. My name is Zara Khan and I’m turning 13 on July 24, Wednesday!

  6. I Cannot say how sorry I am for not commenting on your posts recently. Work and life happening right now..:/
    But good news, I haven’t abandoned yall!:D I’m still the biggest fan I was before I left.

    Congrats to the winner!

    Please please say Scott!:D:D Oh oh, or CJ. That would be fun!

    I’ve got one shot for the Flat Sonny contest, I’m hoping o get another one tomorrow with my ND collection…I’m seriously wondering how Im gonna fit it all in one photo….

  7. @Hannah — If you look to the right, just down a ways, there is a section called “Recent Posts by Others on Nancy Drew PC Games”. If you click “See All” a box will pop up to show all fans’ posts. 🙂

    @A Concerned Fan — We will be praying for Essie’s health and recovery in this tough time for her. Hope she feels better, and that if she has surgery it will go well! And yes, I will create a little get well note. Essie is lucky to have such a caring friend! 🙂

    @krazy rabbit 23 — You got it! 😀

    @Future HeR Animator — Hope you are having a great summer and are enjoying your new job!

  8. Anonymous says:

    My fav entry for the Flat Sonny comtest in where he’s in Cardiff in the TARDIS. Super cool.

    From me,

  9. Anonymous says:

    I LOVE RED PANDAS ! SO glad to see Sonny with the coolest of animals <3

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