Weekend Puzzle #168

The weekend has arrived! Besides the puzzle below, we have another exciting activity for you to participate in: The Facebook Caption Contest! Once again, we have a new picture up on our Facebook page (yeah, I kinda got tricked into this photo, haha!). Head over and post your bestest, most creative or funny caption for a chance to win a Digital Strategy Guide for The Deadly Device, along with a Nancy Drew Ultimate Fan Journal to accompany it.

Onward to the puzzle I call “get-insider-clues-to-the-next-game-from-solving-the-puzzle Puzzle”. Or we can go by its nickname: The Weekend Puzzle.

~Little Jackalope~

10 responses to “Weekend Puzzle #168”

  1. Anonymous says:

    OOh! Contest! I can’t wait! Hope to win!

    From me,

  2. Anonymous says:

    The solution is “new awards”!!!! I can’t believe I got it, but it was a lot easier than you would think from just glancing at it…

    Is this referring to the extra award thing at the end of DED for people who order the Bonus Pre-Order Edition?

  3. Anonymous says:

    New Awards?

  4. Anonymous says:

    This one was easy. “New awards”. But every game has new awards…

  5. ILUVNANCY!!! says:

    This was a pretty easy one, I remember this from Stay Tuned for Danger. It says New Awards. What does that mean?

  6. Anonymous says:

    New Awards!!!……………
    for what

  7. Team Bess says:

    Hi little Jackalope! I love your blog! I can’t wait for DED! Can you please do a birthday shout out for my sister Lexie? She is turning 16 on Sunday. She would love it so much! Thank you!

  8. I remember the Pigpen cipher! Lillian had one in her office in STFD, and without the 3D glasses, this should be a cinch. 🙂

    Let’s see… It looks like the letters have been rearranged here from the regular cipher’s arrangement (Wikipedia’s diagram is different) so I’ll have to figure that out. I get “NEW AWARDS”. I wonder what that means… 😀

  9. Anonymous says:

    New awards…

  10. @Anonymous — We might interview her on the Dare to Play Blog, yes. But she’s really shy, so she probably won’t be interviewed on video or show her picture. 🙂

    @Future HeR Animator — Yes, we became aware of the illegal game and have been investigating.

    As for the real name person on Facebook, yes, that was not meant to be seen. We took it down, but hope that it remains it a secret. (~.^)

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