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Getting Ready for GirlFest

We’ve been preparing for GirlFest! 2011 this Saturday. It’s an event for girls and their families to come and check out companies, products, have fun, learn, and try new things. We attended last year, and will again this year. I’ve been scavenging around the office for things to take with us Saturday. Let’s see, I’ve […]

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Official Trailer + CEO-4-A-Day Contest!!

Official Trailer Released! The official trailer for Alibi in Ashes has been released! After returning home to River Heights to spend some time with her friends, Nancy follows a bad lead and becomes suspect #1 for the arson of the old River Heights Town Hall. It’s up to Ned, Bess and George to help prove […]

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Big Contest! (And us being busy)

It’s the super busy season for a couple of us in the office (myself included) and I’ve noticed how many times I use the word “busy.” Note to self: try to avoid using that word for the remainder of the launch season for Alibi in Ashes. Will need to come up with a new vocabulary, […]

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The Latest Post + Official Trailer!!

…Literally! I think this is the latest time I’ve ever posted on the Amateur Sleuth Blog! (That should tell you how busy we have been). Let’s start with the weekend puzzle. (You solved it quick!) It was a Nonogram, like from Shadow at the Water’s Edge. Once you color in all of the appropriate places […]

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Weekend Puzzle #121

Happy Friday puzzle sleuths! Today, several of us are going to the 129th annual Seattle Chamber of Commerce meeting, where Megan will speak about Her Interactive and the games, I’m really excited! Perhaps I will show you some pictures next week, if I’m allowed to take them. On to important matters. Puzzle time! Click on […]

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Alibi in Ashes Characters

I’m super excited to introduce you to the characters of Alibi in Ashes! Whoo-hoo!! The Character Profiles page is now live with images and descriptions of the suspects and Nancy’s friends. ~Deirdre Shannon~ So what are your thoughts on these characters? Whose your favorite so far? How do you like Ned? There have been some […]

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In the Secret Corner

In one big corner of our office, across from the production department, is a collection of cubicles where you can find the “render farm”, an old arcade game, packaging boxes, letterheads, envelopes, miscellaneous other storage and a whole bunch of our games! See here: I made a trip to this secluded corner to fetch a […]

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A Day of Random Gifts

It’s not Christmas, or a birthday (well, one of our artists had a birthday yesterday), but we received a few gifts today… OK, so maybe they aren’t really gifts according to everyone else, but I like to call them that to make it sound interesting. Our order of office snacks came in (somebody keeps eating […]

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Alibi in Ashes Teaser!!

This is what we’ve been working hard on last week: preparing for the Alibi in Ashes Teaser! The teaser is up on our website and also on our YouTube Channel (by the way, I suggest subscribing, it’s the fastest way of knowing we have a new video. The official trailer is currently being worked on […]

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Weekend Puzzle #120

Fantastic Friday fun for fans! Yep, it’s that time again; time to wrack your brains, gather clues, and solve a puzzle. We have an exciting week planned coming up, and this is my reminder for you to prepare: if you haven’t signed up yet, head over to our home page and subscribe to our email […]

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