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Surprising Drinks

Wow, another late post today! You know what that means? We’ve been working on something exciting. (But I will not spill any secrets until Monday). 😉 A few of us crazies went out for Bubble Tea today. This was my first time trying it, and my thoughts ran to the weird concoction that Renee made […]

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Yep, we crazies at Her Interactive get excited about little things, except this was big to us: Otter sighting!! Yesterday afternoon someone looked out the window and called out for those us working late (guilty me) to come to see the excitement. Here’s what we saw by the river: Mama otter (on the right) and […]

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Learning How to Make Forgeries!

I’m just teasing about the post title. I really mean that we are learning how to make copies on our new copy machine. See here: ~New copier on the right~ We are replacing our old machine on the left with that intimidating big one on the right, which is still wrapped up in the picture. […]

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Weekend Puzzle #119

Hooray it’s Friday! One of my favorite days of the week, I get to boggle your minds with another perplexing puzzle… Here you go! Plunge into danger to bring a mysterious _______ secrets to the surface! = 35 Take a ______with danger to unravel the mystery of a ghostly merry-go-round! = 9 Catch this ________ […]

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Hot Tip: Spy on the Designer!

Our writer stopped by my desk to give me a hot tip: go and take a picture of what the designer is doing. o.O Always up for a little spying adventure…especially ones that involve a camera….I quickly headed to the other end of the office where I found this: Cathy had a huge whiteboard propped […]

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