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Happy Valentine’s Day!

I hope you all get to spend time with family and friends this weekend! One of the greatest Nancy Drew games I think to play around this holiday is The Secret of Shadow Ranch, so we are having a sale on this game! The Valentine’s Day card contest ends soon, and we will announce the […]

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Early Valentines Plans

Welcome to Monday, my favorite day of the week! Today I begin brainstorming what games are the best to share and play for Valentines Day. At first I tried thinking of the games where Ned is available on the phone, or perhaps any games where someone flirts with Nancy. But then I thought of games […]

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Nancy Drew in December

Did you have a great Thanksgiving weekend, everyone? The Her Interactive team sure did! We had a nice long weekend to spend time with our friends and family, and now we are back in the office to start off the month of December. Whoo-hoo! First things first: we still have a few hours left (today) […]

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Nancy in the Clouds

Check this out! Our latest game, Labyrinth of Lies, is in the Alaska Airlines holiday gift guide! We are excited that so many people will get to see the game. ‘Cause I think this was a fun game. 🙂 Now the plane passengers will know about it. On a side note: Have you played The […]

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Summer S’more Fan Photos

Hey all! I was out sick yesterday, but am much better and ready to rock today. I wanted to share some awesome fan photos we have received lately: Here are Hadley’s doodles (which include a sketch of me!): And this picture is from Larry B. who thought this car looks like one that Nancy would […]

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The January Cold

The temperature is dropping here in Bellevue WA, but I can’t complain about 28 degrees when other parts of our country is much MUCH colder. All the same, it’s totally the season to play snowy games like Warnings at Waverly Academy and Treasure in the Royal Tower and The White Wolf of Icicle Creek. Or […]

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Cookies Excitement!

Yesterday and today we started to receive a few cookie entries to our Cookie Contest! I’m getting super excited, too, and I’m totally nerding out right now. Why? Because our fans are SO creative! We had to share a few with you that came in today. Carlahna designed some cookies inspired by Shadow at the […]

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