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Nancy’s Wardrobe

Over the weekend I impersonated a spy….or someone…stole a sapphire and bugged a pigeon. As in fed the pigeon a tracking device. If you guessed correctly, you’d know I’ve been playing The Phantom of Venice. The game, as well as some projects I’ve been working along with some snooping through art files here in the […]

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Dress Like a Detective

I didn’t get the chance to talk much about the Nancy Drew Costume prize! For those of you just tuning in, we have two contests attached to pre-ordering The Deadly Device (you can pre-order either the physical or digital to be automatically entered). Everyone who pre-orders the game during the pre-order period (September 17 — […]

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I particularly like it when Nancy goes undercover. It’s important to protect her image so that people won’t research and learn about her history as an awesome detective, so Nancy must dress up from time to time to hide her identity. Carnivale is a great excuse for wearing fabulous costumes, and Nancy takes the opportunity […]

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