I particularly like it when Nancy goes undercover. It’s important to protect her image so that people won’t research and learn about her history as an awesome detective, so Nancy must dress up from time to time to hide her identity.

Carnivale is a great excuse for wearing fabulous costumes, and Nancy takes the opportunity in The Phantom of Venice to dress up for a little sleuthing. She temporarily becomes Samantha Quick, and also, depending on how you like it, mixes and matches separate clothing articles that you can purchase should you have enough Euros to spend.

Sometimes dressing up to blend in is important for a case so that the detective won’t stand out among her suspects. In The Captive Curse, Nancy had to wear a traditional Bavarian outfit for a time. Of course, everyone knew who she already was prior to wearing this. Interestingly enough, dawning the dirndl labeled her as a target….so it didn’t quite benefit her sleuthing. If Nancy were to dawn another disguise, what could you imagine her becoming?

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4 responses to “Disguises”

  1. The Red Wolf says:

    It would be cool if she wore a Sherlock Holmes outfit complete with deerstalker and pipe like maybe for Halloween. It’d be an homage to the greatest detective.

  2. Senoja94 says:

    Koko Kringle costume! :p

  3. Krolmeister says:

    I really liked dressing Nancy up in VEN. Especially her yellow hat; that hat was awesome! 😀

    Hmm. It’s hard to think of a new outfit for Nancy; as the ones you have done so far are all awesome. Maybe a classic 1930’s dress?

    Oh, and btw, I’ve always been extremely curious to know what Nancy’s dress in CLK looked like. The diologue went something like:

    Mrs. Sheldon: Now scat. We have guest coming, and I’m afraid…well, your dress is..ahem, I need to get going. Ta ta! **slams door**

    …I like this dress. It’s…flouncy.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I think Nancy would look awesome in just jeans and a t-shirt with nice black high-heeled shoes.

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