SPY Sountrack Released! (And Puzzle #211)

The biggest news we have for your weekend is this: we have released The Silent Spy soundtrack! it is now available for digital purchase on our site, and with it we included the sheet music for the “Kate” theme for you to play along! (Piano recommended). Perhaps creating a tutorial video would be cool in the future…we’ll see.

I’m really excited about it, because the “Kate” theme is the best music (I think) in the game…and it’s a very touching song.

Your weekend brain-teaser puzzle:

Clue: No Q about it with Sleuth!
Puzzle: dadnbdsumtolzexlti


~Little Jackalope~

11 responses to “SPY Sountrack Released! (And Puzzle #211)”

  1. ekg1000 says:

    OMG! I love them!!!
    Aaaamazing job!!!
    the kate song is awesome too…after listening to all them, it seems very emotional! I. CANT. WAIT.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I like to play the flute, I wonder if the sheet music will work for that, and what kind of song it is (I like more slow songs) it sounds like it might be the kind of song I could play but i’m not sure. sheet music’s usually so expensive and hard to find, it’d be neat to get it if it’s a good match for me. we don’t have much money so I need to be wary of any purchase XD

  3. Rachel Stevens says:


    DANGER: Action packed, fun, upbeat, dance provoking.

    EXPECTATIONS: Perfect for the theme of the game, mystifying, deep, beautiful.

    FORWARD: Sneaky, makes you feel like looking over your shoulder, if uncovering secrets had a sound, it would sound like this, beautiful tune.

    KATE: Beautiful, makes you smile, sweet, happy, touching, loving, motherly, heartfelt.

    KATE AND NANCY: I love the idea of using the song KATE, but putting in extra notes that seem to fumble. Those notes are like a toddler (baby Nancy) taking her first steps, they’re uncertain and unpredictable. Great idea.

    LAST CHANCE: Aggressive, crazy.

    MEMORIES: Beautiful, relaxing, very sad, makes you want to cry and you don’t know why, I LOVE the bagpipes at the end! Perfect tribute to Scotland! Wonderful!

    MISSION: Suspenseful, forceful, powerful.

    SLEUTH: Creepy, odd.

    SPY THEME: Cool, catchy.

    STEALTH: Different, modern, and lives up to it’s name; stealthy.

    TRADITION: Joyful, comforting, again, LOVE the bagpipes!

    The only critical thing I have to say is I wish there were more songs and I were the songs that do exist we’re longer.

    My favorite songs out of the bunch were Kate and Nancy and Tradition. Least favorite was Last Chance.

    Great job HeR!

  4. William D says:

    Again, my brain is addled by your puzzle XD
    Heres what I surmised from my Marathon:
    Phantom of Venice involvement: Disguises, breaking into places.
    Warnings at Waverly Academy: Sneaking around, Day and Night Shifts, Secret Societies(?) and going undercover.
    Tomb of the Lost Queen: Lots of Secret Passages and decoding stuff.
    But, WOW, the soundtrack already *jaw drops* Cooool XDD
    Also, the Doctor says its at the point of Bronchitis, but not quite it yet. She prescribed several different medicines to prevent it XD So hopefully I won’t get it, cause thats the last thing I need during the school year XDD

  5. Anonymous says:

    I think it’s cool that you’re releasing game soundtracks before the game comes out!
    Can I download the soundtrack to my smartphone?

  6. AppDude27 says:

    Just bought the soundtrack and I have to say, the music is very cool! It reminds me of the YouTube Music group “Two Steps From Hell” because their music sounds very inspirational in a saving the world kind of way.
    “The Spy Theme” would have to be my favorite.
    Nice job on the soundtrack, HeR. Now I really can’t wait for the game!

  7. Anonymous says:

    bought it, the sheet music looks good and possible to play XD and the music is great, reminds me a bit of phil coultier and world flutes. I think the music’s definitely getting better.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Character’s next week, yay!

    I’m Happy Happy Happy!

  9. Anonymous says:

    d and bd must.. loze? I know sleuth is a song but those aren’t music notes. taking away doubles doesn’t help.. i’ll keep working on it til someone says the answer I guess XD

  10. Anonymous says:

    yea figured it needed a decoder, didn’t realize I could just make one with a temporary word document

  11. Allison says:

    Happy birthday, Trey!
    Your fellow HeRian,
    Allison/ComicalCrafty 😉

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