Happy Mother’s Day 2022

Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

I hope you all have been having a wonderful May so far! As some of you may know from watching my Roo introduction video a while back, I grew up playing the Nancy Drew games with my incredible mom! It was such a fun thing we would do together, and it is probably the biggest reason I have such a passion for all things Nancy Drew.

We quite literally would run to the nearest store when we knew the new game had come out, or when digital downloads became the norm, we would immediately start the download first thing that morning and by the time I came home from school they would have (hopefully) been finished by then (old laptop things!). Playing these games with her has led to a lot of our greatest memories and I figured it would be a great time to do something fun in honor of that!

My mother and I, via facetime and lots of patience, recorded an entire video where we ranked each Nancy Drew game in an S tier list. But when watching the videos back, only about half of them had sound. 😞 So there will no longer be a video, but we still have the tier list ready to reveal!

There were definitely lots of talks about each game and all the fun things we remembered about each, and I thought I would share with you some highlights from our all-time favorites to our all-time lows. 

Here is our chart!


NOW before anyone comes for us, if the video could still have been made (RIP) there are some wonderful explanations for everything haha! I feel like most of the chart aligns with other common favorites I’ve seen posted in other S tier lists online (If you think I am not secretly on other platforms keeping up with all the ND hot gossip, you are mistaken!). 

Starting off with our first S tier game, Message in a Haunted Mansion was the very first Nancy Drew game we had ever played. I was about 5 or 6 years old and we were hooked from that moment on! My mom said she can still remember the hair standing up on the back of her neck when we saw the woman walk by the mirror (if you know, you know)! Another fun favorite of ours was White Wolf of Icicle Creek! We both loved cooking in this game, and of course, the cute wolf was my favorite as a 9-year-old. 🙂

Us when we played our first Nancy Drew game!

I think we might have been too nice with ranking our games considering we had to create more space in our A tier, but truth be told we really do just enjoy every single game! The Haunting of Castle Malloy was particularly really fun from making drinks to the dollhouse puzzles, it makes sense that it was up there for us! We did talk about in our video how Midnight in Salem was very different from other games, but the story was still so fun and all the different characters made the game so cool and unique!

As much of a commotion I have made about Dave Gregory, I think we had been personally victimized by Shorty and picking ripe vegetables too many darn times!

I think our lowest-ranked games, they were either games we didn’t enjoy (sorry for those who LOVE Stay Tuned for Danger) or were ones we just didn’t remember that well (mostly The Captive Curse, we both sort of drew a blank trying to remember the plot of that one, haha).

I would LOVE to know your thoughts and opinions on this chart and feel free to ask us any questions about our rankings! I love hearing everyone’s different opinions about the games and their reasons why! 

Don’t forget to celebrate Mother’s Day this year by getting 30% off any game with the code MOM22, which is valid until Monday, May 9! You can get a game, or gift one to a friend or loved one.

No matter how you are celebrating, I hope you all enjoy this Mother’s Day weekend! I am very grateful to have such a wonderful relationship with my mom, she is literally my best friend and now that I am away at school in Denver I quite literally am calling her every day… not even kidding. So have a great weekend, and this is your reminder to CALL YOUR MOM!


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  1. George Christopher says:

    bro what kind of tier list is this. 1st of all how is shadow ranch in bottom 5

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