Cosplay Contest Winners

Hi cosplayers and gamers alike! The office has spoken and we have picked the winners!

Thanks to everyone who entered this year! It was so hard to pick just three winners. We’ll share some of the honorable mentions soon! 


Category 1 was Makeup + Special Effects: show off your cosplay skills with movie makeup or special effects. Example: dress up as the Creature from Castle Malloy. (Picture or Video submission. One winner is chosen.) The Winner Chantel did an AMAZING take on Sonny Joon! They left no detail to the imagination with their creation of a Koko Kringle, Sonny doodles, AND his zodiac dial. 

Category 2 was Best Costume: this could be the most Nancy Drew-themed, the funniest, or the most creative costume. For example, you could be Professor Hotchkiss eating 50 chicken wings or the sword Nancy brings Ned from Iceland. (Picture or Video submission. One winner is chosen.) Alexis F took this prize home to Bluemoon Canyon. Dressing up as Fatima Buell has been done before, but never quite like this! Alexis photoshopped themselves into various scenes from Last Train to Bluemoon Canyon and other games that fit the “west west” vibes of Fatima. Personally, Fatima on top of the train is my favorite. The petition to rewrite Nancy Drew cannon to make Fatima the one who threw the emergency brake will be posted on our social LOL.

Category 3 was Video Submission: create any costume, but present it in a creative video form. (One winner chosen.) I am not exaggerating when I saw this video and cackled at my desk. I could not stop laughing when I first watched this video! Back in September when we were in meetings deciding what we wanted this contest to look like I was not expecting a video quite like this! I thought the video category would be more of a Charlotte makeup tutorial or someone showing us how they made their costume. We were flooded with entries of people dressed as characters and acting out scenes from the games! You guys are too funny! Charlotte M’s entry stood out from the rest with this hilarious take on “girl who would have become Nancy Drew” -Deirdre Shannon.


What Nancy Drew character did you dress up as for the contest or Halloween? Have these winners inspired you to enter the contest next year?



2 responses to “Cosplay Contest Winners”

  1. Riku says:

    Hello, you mentioned that for the cosplay contest you were going to post some honorable mentions, but you seem to have moved on to the cookie contest. While I love the cookie contest, I would really enjoy to see the other cosplay contest pictures and videos so could you please post them soon?

    • Roo says:

      Hi Riku!

      We are getting ready to have another post soon about honorable mentions! With the holidays and other contests we ended/started, I apologize that we didn’t get around to it sooner. Be on the lookout for the next blog post! 😀

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