Chocolate Parfait and Neck Gaiters!

Happy Chocolate Parfait day! Of course we are celebrating with a one-day sale on Nancy Drew: Danger by Design! Shop here! (Have you tried a parfait in real life?)

Also, We added some new merchandise today: Neck Gaiters. I don’t mean to be insensitive to the pandemic, but rather offer a trendy way to cover your cough: Nancy Drew style. These neck gaiters act like a scarf, but can be stretched over your face to protect from the cold or to keep your own germs to yourself. 🙂

I’m actually excited for the Tomb of the Lost Queen one… and Photoshopped myself to get an idea what it might look like before I made these live. I might just order one for myself…maybe… but I don’t want to creep other people out out!

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-Little Jackalope

3 responses to “Chocolate Parfait and Neck Gaiters!”

  1. Well, you can always get either the “It’s locked” one or the Koko Kringle one maybe and Bess’s Camo print is kinda cute!

  2. My Mom is actually going to make masks for each of us for protection, mine is going to have butterflies and Nancy Drew on it, I actually have Nancy Drew printed fabric which has the original book cover art work on it!

  3. I also love how you photo shopped them on a few of the charecters from the games, Bess’s goes so well with her outfit, Kate Drew has the Nancy Drew “It’s locked! one on (after all it has her daughter’s name written all over it) Haha, and the Koko Kringle one is so Sonny Joon”s style!

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