Sonny Joon With Puppy on a PopSocket

It’s now available! Bess’s masterpiece of Sonny Joon photo edited to be holding a puppy is now on a PopSocket, and it’s perfect. Shop for it here!*This listing has been removed.

Nancy Drew Mystery Adventure Games Soony Joon and Puppy

I think this might have to be declared the PopSocket of my dreams.

FYI – this reference is from Nancy Drew: The Shattered Medallion. 😉


*Edited. Disclaimer:

*While the original mention of the picture, as well as the character art came directly from Nancy Drew: The Shattered Medallion, the first photo edit was made by fan “chacocanyonculturalcenter” of Tumblr here:

The PopSocket design was created from HeR Interactive’s own art collections (intellectual property) and was created with varying differences for the game.

-Little Jackalope

7 responses to “Sonny Joon With Puppy on a PopSocket”

  1. Hi Little Jackolope! I was wondering if you would mind giving me the company’s, I want to send you guys a little note as a thank you for coming to see me while I was in Seattle and all of cool ND Stuff you picked out for me!

  2. Mailing Address, please.

  3. Sakura says:

    OMG, yes!!! I love it! First chance I’ll get, I’ll be buying that popsocket xD. Is it just me, or a SHA cake popsocket would look good too ( especially for us cake lovers ) Could you make one?

  4. Guest says:

    Is there some side plot here? I know I sound like a conspiracy theorist, but given that Sonny’s been in games for years and the fact he’ll probably be in future games… Is there something here, am I making something up, or ‘can’t talk about it’?

  5. FrostyBourne says:

    You guys should make an “It’s locked!” popsocket. It’d be a classic!

    • Little Jackalope says:

      We did! We have two with the key and quote: one with a white background, one with a blue background. 🙂

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