Niko Sweater Shirt

Hey all! I’ve been super busy creating ads and won’t have a weekend puzzle available today. I do however, have a new addition to our Amazon shirt designs to share! I created this over a month ago, but sadly Amazon blocked me from letting it go live. Well it’s live now! Shop here!

While this is simply just the print design on a long sleeve shirt (it’s unisex, so it fits both men and ladies equally), I hope to have this design on an actual sweater or hoodie someday. Also, at the moment, Amazon is short on the color options and shirt sizes. Only two colors are showing, but there will be a total of five. (So I suggest keeping an eye on it for when they become available in your size). Since there is more fabric, it will cost a bit more. Still! I think this is a novel addition a Nancy Drew collection! Now you can sweater shirt twins with Nico from The Deadly Device!

Have a great weekend!

-Little Jackalope

4 responses to “Niko Sweater Shirt”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I know this is a bit early but will there be a valentines contest this year? I have a good idea for one 🙂

  2. licketyloonancydrew says:

    That’s a pretty sweater! I might buy one in the future!

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