Cookie Winners and Honorable Mentions

The office has voted! Check out our winners and honorable mentions for the Nancy Drew Cookies Contest here!


As for me, I made some “cookies” over the Christmas break!

These gingerbread houses are very simple… and I miscalculated how many sides were needed and totally forgot to make a roof for the one on the right. Oops. It tasted good nonetheless!

Some may not classify these as actual “cookies” but I sure do! I practiced making Macarons with my sister. These lavender-colored Macarons taste like almond.

And these are definitely not cookies… but rather bite-sized cakes. Madellines! These were the best tasting buttery French treats!

What Christmas or New Years or holiday cookies and treats did you make in December?

-Little Jackalope

6 responses to “Cookie Winners and Honorable Mentions”

  1. Isaac Tamez says:

    We make a type of short bread cookie called Polvorones!!! Its like a Mexican traditional cookie for Christmas time :). And for New Years we make Buñuelos and Champurrado. Oh and LJ HAPPY LATE CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEARS LOL.

  2. Happypuppyharley says:

    I love the otter puzzle! Great job to whoever made that.

  3. Nastya says:

    Hey, LJ! Few days ago I was replaying Danger on Deception Island, and now I’m wondering: was there any reason why Holt was so angry then you were traspassing? And also, we all know that characters in the ND games are always hiding something or have “sins”, but I couldn’t figure out his “sin”.

    • Little Jackalope says:

      Hi Nastya! While everyone has “sins” it could mean that they have more “suspicions” than actual guilt. For example, Holt has a motive for getting rid of the orca: he fights for the fishermen, and the fishermen have to go around the orca to get to the fishing grounds. So if he wants to be Harbormaster, he needs to votes of the fisherman.

  4. licketyloonancydrew says:

    Those treats look delicious! My sister kokokringlecat22 (her name on the Twitch parties) and I were thinking about entering the cookie contest this year since we missed out on it this past year. Your gingerbread houses look good LJ! I love them!

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