Day 3 Twitch & Awful Amazon

I sent an email to Amazon asking about the disappearing t-shirts, and here’s their response:

“Good Afternoon,

Thank you for your e-mail. In order to ensure customer orders are shipped on time in November and December, we may temporarily reduce the availability of some products. During this time, these products may not appear in Amazon search results or they may show as “Currently Unavailable” on product detail pages. Additionally, Merch may also lower daily publishing limits and pause account tier upgrades and new account approvals.”

I’m unhappy with this. Therefore I shall locate as many shirt designs as I can and provide you a direct link to each of our designs, so that you may purchase them this month while they are still on sale.

87th Anniversary Cameo


Be Who You Are

Captain’s Cove Amusement Park

Codes & Clues-Let’s Code! Robot Puppy in Tablet

Creature – The Captive Curse

Curse of Blackmoor Manor Emblem

Father/Daughter Sleuthing Team

Fighting Manatees

Flying Cow Productions

Fractured Clock

Frank Hardy Holds the Key to My Heart

Ghost Hunt

Ghost of Thornton Hall Cover Art

Gummy Bears

HeR Interactive – Dare to Play

Horse Shirt

I’m Nancy Drew, Don’t Worry, I’ve Got This!

It’s a Nancy Drew Thing – You Wouldn’t Understand

It’s Locked!

I’m Not Saying I’m Nancy…

KoKo Kringle

Moon Chunk

Mysteries Find Me

Nancy Drew: Cameo

Nancy Drew Fan

Nancy Drew: Graduate

Nancy Drew Nerd

Ned Nickerson Holds the Key to My Heart

Persephone in Winter

Pixel Art Nancy Drew

Shadow Ranch Cameo

Sonny Joon Medallion


Straight Out of River Heights

The Black Cat

The Hot Kettle Cafe

The Silent Spy – Agent Kate

This is My Nancy Drew Sleuthing Shirt

Too Busy Solving Mysteries

WAC Emblem

Whale World

What Would Nancy Drew Do?


*I will update this post each time I find a new link.


Tonight’s the last night for our Twitch party! Join us here! Remember to take a selfie of yourself watching the stream and post it to our Facebook page or Twitter account with #NDtwitch before intermission time today!

Nancy Drew Mystery Adventure Games Twitch Party

No puzzle this weekend, but be sure to check out the latest podcast for a little entertainment!

-Little Jackalope

3 responses to “Day 3 Twitch & Awful Amazon”

  1. Laryssa says:

    Hi! Are the shirts supposed to be $85.00 (plus shipping) on Is there any way Canadians can take advantage of the sale?

    Thank you so much!

    • Little Jackalope says:

      Hello Laryssa! Unfortunately, we do not have control over the Canadian shirt prices. 🙁 This is Amazon’s area. I was surprised to see that our shirt designs are even available on the web site, since the merchandise is exclusive to US.

  2. lori says:

    could say the same about the silence on midnight in salem

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