SAW: Day 2 Twitch Party

Hooray! We’ve uploaded the Day One Twitch video to YouTube. Here it is in case you missed it:

Tonight we continue playing! But head’s up: something has come up on my schedule tonight and I’ll need to keep the stream short. Instead of being one hour 45 minutes with a 10 minute break, it will only be a one hour stream with no break. This means if we don’t finish the game on Friday, we will carry it over on Monday, same times.

Hope to see you over on Twitch tonight at 4pm PT!

Today’s Throwback Thursday features Warnings at Waverly Academy. You can get the digital download for 50% off using promo code WAC50 at checkout, today only!


-Little Jackalope


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11 responses to “SAW: Day 2 Twitch Party”

  1. Huw Miller says:

    Is it weird that the date says October 6th even though it’s the 7th today? and this was published today?

  2. tsuki says:

    Hey, I see there’s a hidden link between “head’s” and “up” to some “online casinos” site. It doesn’t appear in the post itself, but you can see it in the preview and it’s also visible in the code. Is that supposed to be there?

    • Little Jackalope says:

      Hello Tsuki! Good catch, this should definitely NOT be there. I will look into this and remove it. Thank you so much for the heads up!

  3. Liz says:

    Hi, there was a long comment on the facebook page earlier today that was concerning MID. I looked again at the facrbook page, and it is not there anymore. Did you delete it or did the other person delete it? The comment wasn’t accusatory, and it was well-written, and it addressed concerns that many fans are feeling. Why is it gone now? I hope you are not censoring comments now, Little Jackalope.

    • Little Jackalope says:

      Hello Liz, I haven’t deleted any Facebook comments these past few weeks. Was it a comment to the page? Or a message?

      • Liz says:

        Hi, It was a visitor post, posted by Elle Sea the last I saw. What happened?

        • Little Jackalope says:

          Hello Liz, I found your post. It’s not deleted, it’s just buried. In Andy Blackledge’s post on October 7 at 6:08pm, fan Natasha wrote a reply, and you posted to her reply at 10:08pm. It starts like this: “Natasha, after a year and a half of game development the company absolutely has any information on their game; it would be silly to think otherwise…” Is this the post you are referring to? If so, it is still there. 🙂

          • Liz says:

            Hi, that’s not it. It’s one that a lot of people saw one morning then it just disappeared not too long after. Someone cut and paste it onto a different site:
            “Many people, myself included, have become very frustrated with the lack of communication and vague responses surrounding Midnight in Salem. I have been a huge supporter of Her Interactive for over 10 years. I own every game and replay them very often, and I want to continue to support this company. I understand that you switched systems and that it takes a while, but the game was initially supposed to be released a full year ago. The last Nancy Drew adventure game we got was a year and a half ago, when they are typically released twice a year. With this pattern, we should have three adventure games since Sea of Darkness. Instead, you’ve spent this time developing, promoting, and releasing a children’s mobile app that the majority of your supporters have no interest in. Even if you won’t be releasing Midnight in Salem this year, you owe your supporters an update. Will this game be released in 2016? Do we have to wait for it to be the spring game that’s typically released in May, making it two full years between games? Midnight in Salem is clearly a Halloween themed game and so many of your supporters are posting about their excitement surrounding a Halloween release, so if it won’t be released this month, announce that information. If it won’t be released this year, announce it. If it will be released for Halloween, or over the holidays, then tell us so that we can stop wondering. The longer we are kept in the dark, the more you lose the support and respect of your fanbase. You know where you are in the development process, so if the game is so far from completion that there’s no chance of it being released in 2016, you owe it to us to tell us that after all this secrecy surrounding the game, Lani Minella, and the new voice of Nancy. You initially said that this game was to be released in fall of 2016, but you are now saying that you have no release date or any other information. How much longer will this game be postponed? All in all, what I am asking for is more information, or at least an update, as that is what you owe us. Please don’t give me your cut and paste answer of “no release date has been announced at this time” and please do not tell me to stay tuned and stay sleuthy.”
            Then there is a post in the visitor post section from the OP saying this:
            Nancy Drew Games, with as active as you are on this site, I had hoped that you would have gotten back to me by now in regards to my post that you deleted on Friday. Multiple people have posted on this page questioning why you deleted my post, as it addressed the concerns that they had as well. You are expressing concern and asking whose post it was that you deleted so that you can reach out to me, but are still ignoring me when I reply to your comments explaining that the post was mine. You share many posts/contest submissions of your supporters, so it is clear that you are seeing the visitor posts; I would appreciate an explanation as to why you are choosing to ignore the posts that are expressing concerns, including my own. I have posted on here and I have private messaged you, and yet you still act as though my contributions don’t exist, leaving me with no response. I think it’s safe to assume that my frustrations are shared by many, as evidenced by how many people “like” my post and comments, and are posting on my behalf. Please take the time to address these posts, just as you address and share the posts about pumpkins and costumes.
            It has not been addressed even tho many people asked about it and questions/comments/concerns posted after this have been addressed. I am not sure I understand your marketing strategies. Maybe they are just beyond me.

          • Little Jackalope says:

            Hello Liz, I have not seen this post yet, but will look for it. We do listen to our fans, but we may not always have an answer to share, especially about news on the next game. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and voice on these matters. I will pass this along to the email so that the other team members will see it. At this time, I do not have any news to share about Midnight in Salem. Perhaps I will in the near future.

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