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The Haunted Carousel, Day 3 (and Weekend Puzzle #312)

Day Two of playing The Haunted Carousel on Twitch is now up on our YouTube channel! Here it is: Join us tonight as we complete Nancy Drew: The Haunted Carousel on our Twitch Channel! Show time is at 4pm PT. And don’t forget to get The Haunted Carousel (or gift it to someone) for 25% […]

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The Haunted Carousel, Day 2

Yesterday’s Twitch party was unfortunately choppy, lagging, and froze a few times. How annoying! However, our stream recorded alright, so we uploaded that to our YouTube Channel. You can also watch it here: Tonight we shall continue where we left off and try the party again. If we continue to have issues, then we shall […]

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The Haunted Carousel, Day 1

Tonight’s the night! Tune in to our Twitch channel to watch me and Tess play the first day of The Haunted Carousel! You do not need an account to watch the free stream, but to participate in the live chat and our contest (wink) you will need to create a free account. Our videos will […]

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Trivia, Twitch, and T-shirts

Today’s trivia Tuesday from Alibi in Ashes is any easy one… do you remember the answer to this question? Also, head’s up! We have a surprise Twitch party starting tomorrow! You can follow us here to get the alerts and to join the live chat tomorrow. And for a souvenir from The Haunted Carousel, this […]

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Scopa Counting

I’ve been re-learning the Italian card game, Scopa! as played in Nancy Drew: The Phantom of Venice. Fan Arglefumph plays it in his walk through video here: I’m trying to explain how to tally up the points, and I must say, it is rather complicated. REALLY complicated. I’m glad that Enrico in the game adds […]

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