Scopa Counting

I’ve been re-learning the Italian card game, Scopa! as played in Nancy Drew: The Phantom of Venice. Fan Arglefumph plays it in his walk through video here:

I’m trying to explain how to tally up the points, and I must say, it is rather complicated. REALLY complicated. I’m glad that Enrico in the game adds it all up for you!

Here’s a picture of my own deck that I’ve opened up and wish to play in real life:


-Little Jackalope


9 responses to “Scopa Counting”

  1. Karen Hiebert says:

    ooh I thought Argelumph was one of the her interactive staff members!

  2. Hunter says:

    I know this game, I have actually played it in real life several times.

  3. Hannah says:

    I didn’t know it existed as a real life card game! That must be so much fun!

  4. Maria Jackson says:

    I have my own deck! I taught my whole family and they are all now obsessed. We get so competitive with it. When I am calculating the score I always imitate Enrico just for fun.

  5. Nancy says:

    I Love Arglefumph! His walk throughs are so funny.
    My favorite so far is the “Sea of Darkness” walk through.

    Scopa? Don’t worry; I’m still trying to figure out poker.
    I assume the point system is the same.

  6. Jackson says:

    HI LJ

    Did you guys this get game to relearn it because you are going to release a scopa mini game app?

    Thank you!

    • Jackson says:


      I meant to say:

      Did you guys get this game to relearn it because you are going to release a scopa mini game app

      Thank you!

    • Little Jackalope says:

      Hi Jackson! No, I’ve had this game for a while and studied it to make a free download of the game on The Phantom of Venice page. Check it out under the downloads tab!

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