No Post Last Friday and Weekend Puzzle 309

Hi guys, it is me Indy again. There was no post last Friday because our website was down on our end. We could not edit or post anything. That actually may have been one of the reasons the photos from last week were not working for anyone. I will be taking over the Amateur Sleuth Blog this week just while Little Jackalope is out of the office. Since I was unable to post Friday I will post twice today.

Did you guys know that there was a Nancy Drew doll you could have had growing up? I didn’t find out about it until a few years ago.

Nancy Drew Doll

The Tonner Doll company made them. You can find more information out about her here. They are kind of expensive now that they are considered collectibles. I wish I had one that I was able to play with when I was younger. I would have had her set up next to the computer playing the games with me.


As for your weekend puzzle, here is it.

weekend puzzzle 309




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  1. MrHerobrashkass says:

    “Codes & Clues diy video coming today”?

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