Late Night at the Office

The phones have quieted. All that can be heard is the sound of the distant traffic outside of the office. Everyone has gone home. Everyone… except me. It’s eerie here at night in the office – especially when it is dark out. It’s only 6:34 pm right now, and it is the perfect time to work on a project. Why? Well, it’s dark of course!


Halloween is only 5 days away, and it’s not too late to plan on a creepy-fun adventure. Will you be hunting ghosts? Raiding candy? Solving a scary Nancy Drew mystery? Perhaps…

Some really cool pumpkins and cosplay entries are coming in. Will you enter before time’s up? Learn more about the contests that end this week on our Contest Page.

As for the weekend puzzle, it was a keyword cipher. Use the keyword at the front of the alphabet, then delete the duplicate letters throughout the rest of the alphabet, like this:

ghostabcdefijklmnpqruvwxyz then line up the regular alphabet below it to decipher the text:


So with “cgiilwttk qgit oljdkb” the ‘c’ in the new alphabet is now ‘h’ and ‘g’ is now ‘a.’ Etc. The solution is this: [Halloween sale coming].

-Little Jackalope


One response to “Late Night at the Office”

  1. Karesha3 says:

    Sounds to me all the scare games are going to be on sale.

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