“Kandy” in Nancy’s World

Hey all! I’m back from my vacation. Today’s fun question for you is this: What candy treat from the Nancy Drew universe would you like to see in real life? We were just curious what everyone’s favorite was. (Will you stick to a classic vote for KoKo Kringles? Or would you pick something like Koko Mallos or Ryan’s gummy bears?)


As for the weekend puzzle, it was ALT code, or “ASCII” code. All you have to do is is hold down the ALT key on your keyboard and type the number shown, then release the ALT key. The answer is [“I stole you from another.”]

We have some fan birthdays to celebrate!

Birthday_Lilli Birthday_Leah Birthday_Jack

-Little Jackalope

16 responses to ““Kandy” in Nancy’s World”

  1. LS says:

    I’d like to see Cow-A-Mel in real life. I think it looks delicious!

  2. Maria says:

    I’d love to be able to get koffee kandy, Auntie’s Acorns, & Koko Mallows. Oh, who am I kidding, I’d love to be able to get almost all the candy from the games, Not sure about Moon Chunk.

  3. Dana says:

    Can I get a birthday shout out on June 11th? For me, and my sister Cora? (We’re twins).

  4. Angela says:

    My favourite is Koko Kringles. Although I would really like to see how Moon Chunk turns out! I bet it would be yum!

  5. jack says:


  6. Emily says:

    Cowabubble and udder pops! 😀

  7. felicity18 says:

    Moon Chunk for me.


  8. Taylor Bowen says:

    Utter Pops!

  9. Blake Velick says:

    Definitely Ryan’s gummy bears! (They should have a mini script for a Gummy Bear Theatre skit on the wrapper) 🙂

  10. NDsolver says:

    I’d like to see a Cow-A-Mel,Auntie’s Acorns and Koffee Kandy!

  11. Caroline says:

    The Cudsmackers sounds yummy! Can’t go wrong with chocolate. I loved my KoKo Kringle bar I got when I pre-ordered Sea of Darkness!

  12. Erika says:

    Dark chocolate Koko Kringles and Likie Loos definetly!!

  13. ND's #1 fan says:

    KOKO KRINGLES!!!!!!!!!! I want one so bad but apparently I didn’t preorder SEA fast enough 🙁 Also Ryan’s gummy bears and Lickie Loos would be awesome! 😛

  14. Hadley says:

    I would want a raging inferno or koffee kandy

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