Cookie Winners & Snooping

We have announced our Cookie Contest winners today! Check them out and see some honorable mentions on our contest page here!


This week I’ve been rummaging around the latest game we are working on (Sea of Darkness) to listen to some audio clips and look for potential things to share with you. But I got distracted with information I found on the design for the game AFTER SEA (ND33). So now I’m reading that. I am very distracted by all the cool things we are working on right now. XD I even hovered over the shoulders of a few artists today to see some early art pieces.


-Little Jackalope

5 responses to “Cookie Winners & Snooping”

  1. SpyGirl says:

    *Congratulations to the cookie contest winners! 😀
    *Oooooh, I just know SEA is going to be great! Can’t wait for more teases!

  2. Karesha2 says:

    Sounds to me you are a super spy LJ!

  3. Kevin says:

    i thought some other contestants would win.. anyway, im eager to see some designs soon for SEA

  4. miranda says:

    the selected i placed were different than the ones picked. there were really good ones that should of received a place

  5. NANCYGEEK says:

    ND33!!!!!!!!! Woah… It’s crazy to think we hardly know anything about SEA and you guys are making art for the game after SEA lol!!! I think I am going to go crazy waiting for info about SEA… And congrats to the contest winners great job!!!!!!!!!!

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