A Week For SPY (And Puzzle #214)

Sonny Joon kidnapped me and took me on one of his adventures that involved an internship at a space station.

Just kidding. Have I really left you in suspense without so much as a clue? Perhaps, but I did hint at what we were up to a week or two ago. We have been powering through the creation of The Silent Spy strategy guide these last two weeks. Which is now complete! I’m very glad that it is finished, and I’m especially excited that everyone who orders the game will be getting the digital guide for free!

Also, a note about the pre-orders: the physical copies of the BONUS Edition are running low, (already)! May I suggest pre-ordering soon if you have your heart set on getting the box.

Last weekend’s puzzle has been left hanging. The puzzle is actually a Playfair Cipher, which uses a keyword (“Scotland”) to crack the code. The answer is [Someone is not who they seem to be.] Ooooo! What do you suppose this means? We sort of showed this in the trailer, but not really.

Do you want another fun clue to the inside of The Silent Spy? Four your weekend brain-boggler, here’s your cipher:

Oexi’w zsmgi.

We have birthdays!

~Little Jackalope~

12 responses to “A Week For SPY (And Puzzle #214)”

  1. Nadi says:

    My sister, Myrddin [mer-thin] (a bit more of a Nancy Drew fan than I am, though I know more than her), is going to become a teenager on the 21st of october! A shoutout would be terrific!

  2. Anonymous says:

    “someone isn’t who the same to be” that’s incredibly vague XD and aw you didn’t quite make it a full week without posting, I was kind of hoping you would just ’cause it’d be so unusual.
    nancy drew moment, when you go to turn around and expect something to jump out at you XD
    anyways glad everything’s ok.


  3. Sheesh4 says:

    I missed your posting LJ! Glad you’re back :)))

  4. Hmm the puzzle in come to conclusion is “Kate’s Voice”. Interesting.. I’m starting to know that in the end, Nancy’s mother did pass away, but I think it’s a character from a previous case, or even Samantha Quick being involved. Plus last week, you mentioned that we should get to know a few more things in the Phantom of Venice before we get started with SPY. I’ve noticed at the end of the game, Colin is in his hotel room, and they’re a shadow-y figure on the left side of the screen. Hmmmm wonder what that could be 😉

  5. ILUVNANCY!!! says:

    Kate’s voice? What does that mean?

  6. Anonymous says:

    Glad everything (and everyone) is okay there.

    As I’ve been replaying White Wolf, I wondered what “Que veitchy naiea” means (Yanni”s favorite saying).
    Did you make it up? What’s its meaning?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Kate’s voice. Hhhmmm what does that mean?


  8. It’s great to have you back Little J!:D I missed reading your posts when I came in from work.
    It’s unreal that I could be playing SPY next week! :0 it seriously seems like GTH came out last month. Not kidding. I wonder why time flew this time around? Check y’all’s fb today(Monday). I have a photo that reminds me of GTH:)

  9. Anonymous says:

    oh thank goodness i’m not the only twenty year old on here XD it does say to adult, and not all adults are into mature ratings.

  10. @Nadi — You got it!

    @katedrewisalive — Thanks! Yep, that’s currently the longest I’ve gone without posting. XD

    Thanks @Sheesh4!

    @Shainnen Somerville — It is a mystery indeed…!

    @ ILUVNANCY!!! — You will have to wait and see! 😉

    @ Anonymous — I’m not sure what Yannu’s saying, I would have to do some digging…

    @ Future HeR Animator — Time flies when you are very focused on the present, or simply busy. XD It feels like time has flown here, too! So excited for you guys to play SPY next week!!

    @Anonymous — There are a lot of 20+ fans out there! I’m one of them, too, even if I do work at Her Interactive. (~.^)

  11. Hi!
    I just saw the question on your home page about phone friends,and my answer is Ned! Definately Ned (my second choice would be Bess,although,I am missing George).
    The brain-teaser was easy.You light the candle first (that way,using the candle,you can light everything else).
    I’m so excited for SPY!

  12. Anonymous says:

    It’s so cool that you respond to comments ^.^ and you’re so lucky to have such a great job.

    -katedresisalive- and the anonymous person who is glad there are other older fans XD

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