Going Through the Trash

Can any of you identify with this Nancy Drew Moment?

How excited we get when playing a Nancy Drew game when the opportunity arises to rifle through a character’s trash! There is often something of interest in there, and it is an excellent skill to be observant in every area of an environment. Thankfully most of the trash Nancy goes through is paper, and nothing gross, like leftover frog legs from Danger by Design or something.

Still working on the cover art. The date we release the art will be a surprise date, so stay tuned to our web site or social media sites (web links are to the right of this blog) for when we roll out the red carpet (so to speak) for it’s grand view!

Behind the scenes notes: I’m listening to static, literally, for the best sound effect to use.
The Silent Spy quote is going into the merchandise store today…

Oh! And if you want to enter a contest for a chance to win a black mug of The Silent Spy, head over to our Facebook page to post your most creative caption to our Caption Contest! You have until Monday to participate. Come up with something creative!

~Little Jackalope~

5 responses to “Going Through the Trash”

  1. William D says:

    XD XD Yes I have had that moment before, in game and IRL XD (don’t ask) >: P also, another guess as to what Fell means. You’re going to reveal the cover art AND trailer in one Fell Swoop? XD I wish >-> lol I just can’t wait. I’m definitely going to do that Nancy Drew marathon >: )

  2. Anonymous says:

    Ooh! Ooh! Has anyone ever considered that the silent spy could by a boy? Like, look at the covers from the other day, they all feature a WOMAN. What if the silent spy is a male? Eh? Eh? What do you think of that thought? What if the silent spy is a criminal from an old game turned good? Like in SAW, there are multiple endings where the criminal can say they are sorry. What if it is that criminal? But then it wouldn’t make much sense for a Japanese person to be in Scotland… I don’t know. I’m just brainstorming. I always try to guess what if going to happen when a new game will come out. I think I’m done talking. Thank you for reading my thoughts!

    -Lee (or Liana)

  3. Peregrine says:

    It always bugs me when Nancy is snooping and doesn’t even look through the trashcan right in front of her. Come on Nancy there could be clues there!

  4. Teagpow says:

    Hey Little Jackalope,
    One question. Where do you get your cute neckless?
    Anyway love them!


  5. Anonymous says:

    Or when you are a dumpster-diver! 🙂 Nancy should just start posing as the garbage woman.

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