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One of our long-kept secrets is that we had half-created information and pictures ready to put together strategy guides for The Final Scene and Message in a Haunted Mansion. o.O These have been in our office for some time, but that is all I will share with you. We have other secrets that we keep as well…

Today (yes, today exactly) they have become available for digital download purchase! Yay! For those of you who have never ordered a digital guide, here is a great tip about these: When you are in a game, say for example Tomb of the Lost Queen, and you need a little guidance how to solve a puzzle (like the amulet sorting in the tent), you can hit the Windows button on your keyboard, which pauses your game right where you are, so that you can take a look at the guide page, then click on the game at the toolbar at the bottom of your screen to get right back to the part of the game you left off at.

I have done this before, and it is super easier to use than the physical guide. *Special note: all newer games’ guides are in color!

Head’s up! Twitter Quote Contest is going on today! Head over to participate for a chance to win a digital guide to Shadow at the Water’s Edge!
~Little Jackalope~

5 responses to “Classic Guides”

  1. I’ve always used Ctrl, Alt and Tab to change windows. 🙂 But thanks for the tip, this seems like it’ll be easier than my method.
    The guide for DED was amazing! It was very helpful. I only used it twice:)

  2. Hannah says:

    I’ve never seen a strategy guide, I wish you made a sample one so we could get an idea what they’re like. I mean they cost so much to purchase when we can get any hints we need on the message boards or find a walthrough or video walklthrough for free online. What makes your guides so special except for the fact that they’re made by HeR?

    By the way, I have to know, in that picture of the keyboard there that isn’t your finger is it? I don’t think it looks like a Little Jackalope finger… lol

  3. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the helpful tip LJ!! I always want to pause my games.

  4. @Hannah — You can view a sample one on our site here:

    Look for “Click here for a sample of our Digital Strategy Guides” in yellow text. 🙂

    and yes, those are my dry fingers. >.<

  5. Anonymous says:

    I know how to do that! but when I do,I use a walkthrough I find online. The only game I have a physical guide for is ASH. Hey,if you purchase a digital game or guide,does it go right unto your computer like when i install one. If so,what happens to it if we dump our computer? Is it lost?

    From me,

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