Egg Mystery Part #…something

Well, the egg mystery is still unsolved. But there is a new egg!!! This one showed up after I arrived, when I was but briefly away from my desk. I was excited this time because it is made of glass, and so I tried pulling fingerprints. (There was only one real fingerprint, but it was barely legible and didn’t come off very well. It’s too indistinct to attempt finding a match.) 🙁

I did question a nearby team mate if he saw anything suspicious…and he did! He heard the sound of my drawer opening and closing, and then saw the suspect rush past out of the corner of his eye. I am narrowing down the suspect and will confront him/her tomorrow when the culprit returns.

There are a few things that do not make sense, though. If this is in fact the only culprit…well…it couldn’t be, because this person did not arrive before me on Friday. Reminder: Friday’s chocolate egg appeared in my drawer super early in the morning, and only 6 other workers were here at that time. You know what this means? Culprit “A” is not the only culprit! Time to do some more investigating…this case is not yet finished.

Weekend puzzle! Yay! It looks like a few of you were successfully able to solve it! All you do is fill in the blanks with the correct words from the quotes (some deductive reasoning and backwards thinking could help those who do not know all of the quotes).

Here are the correct words:



Once you have the words, find the correct letters (the *’s) and put them in the appropriate order to make this sentence: [It’s locked merchandise in the future]. Whoo-hoo!!

~Little Jackalope~

6 responses to “Egg Mystery Part #…something”

  1. I wish someone would stick an egg in my drawer so I’d have a mystery! lol
    my little sister wants to know if you ate the chocolate egg. 🙂
    I went to a job interview today, if I kept freaking out about a job interview then I can promise I wouldn’t survive if I was Nancy Drew. ;D
    I hope I get the job, because with the new line of merchandise coming up, I’ll probably buy everything in the store.:)

  2. Ninieech says:

    Well, I wanna help so… I thought, that you could went earlier to the office before anyone and hide somewhere.
    And when the culprit came, you can just confront him…..or her.

  3. Anonymous says:

    The egg is beautiful. Did you know today is the guy’s birthday who made easter eggs into precious art?
    I saw that on Google this morning. So who do you think the egg culprits are?

    From me,

    P.S. Cool!More merchandise!

  4. Anonymous says:

    that egg is so pretty! you should keep it on a special place on your desk.

  5. @Future HeR Animator — Yes, yes I did eat the chocolate. Does that make me a bad detective for eating the evidence? >.< Haha!

    Hope you did well on your interview! 😉

    @Ninieech — That’s a good idea, maybe I shall try that, thanks!

    @Silvertongue — That’s cool! I have my suspicions…but i don’t want to say them just yet in case I am wrong.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Maybe since the culprit could not get there early, he/she made an “alliance” with someone who could place the egg. It’s a possibility:)

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