Something Big! (Like a… Store?)

Ok, I shall finally delve into the Weekend Puzzle’s answer. First of all, you need to rotate the squares from left to right, then top to bottom. You might notice that there is a small pattern to rotate the squares: [the starting letter M is correct and right-side up. You need to rotate the second square counter-clockwise once. The third square twice (so it’s upside-down) the fourth three times, and then the next one will be right side up. Start the pattern again again you reach the end of the row and then continue this for the bottom row.] Once you get all of the letters right-side up (this is where the second puzzle comes in) you read the letters as you would a [rail fence] cipher.

Your end answer shall be [Merchandise Store Coming Soon]. And we mean it. It might not be similar to the gift shop in The Captive Curse, because well, it will not be a walk-in store, but we are working on getting a few simple things that has some pictures on them. And that’s all I will say. Even if you send me cookies I will not give you more information. Weeeeell…

~The CAP gift shop has some cool stuff~

Last notes for today: Congrats to Abby L. for her Facebook Caption “You want to name the next culprit after me?!” Stay tuned for future Caption Contests featuring more fun prizes. 😉

~Little Jackalope~

5 responses to “Something Big! (Like a… Store?)”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Is the Collector’s Edition Fan Favorites still on stock? Can I still buy one?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Please make a ton SAW, and CAP stuff!

  3. @ Anonymous: I believe the collector’s tin is still available. 🙂 On our web site, click on the top “Shop” button, then click on the tab “Fan Favorites” where you will see the tin.

  4. You won’t tell me if I send cookies, cake AND ice cream? ;D ;D ;D

  5. Anonymous says:

    Will you sell things like wallets,shirts,keychains and maybe some Sonny Joon inspired things?

    From me,

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