Hints and Pictures

Hey all, tonight and early tomorrow is the last chance you will be able to submit the answers to last weekend’s puzzle contest. Looks like some of you could use a last-minute hint (*Note: you can be generic in your answer):

Detective Ryan took what 4 things with him?:
1) [They are blue and are found in a Floral Shop]
2) [A German-themed bakery treat]
3) [Check out this sleuth book from the library]
4) [What you can get at Hamburger Heaven]

Once you have the answers, email them to solved@herinteractive.com with the subject line “Weekend Puzzle”.

Check this out! One of our fans posted this image on our Facebook page, isn’t this amazing? She looks just like Connie Watson, the character on the cover of Secrets Can Kill Remastered!
Other fans are posting their pictures of themselves with their Koko Kringle bars on our Facebook page as well. Do you have a Koko Kringle picture you would like to share? We would love to see them!

Tomorrow will be the new weekend puzzle as us office workers have a short week for Christmas. Stay tuned!
~Little Jackalope~

One response to “Hints and Pictures”

  1. Anonymous says:

    That’s very cool.I’m sorry to hear that you’ve sold out of Kok Kringle bars as I,did not get one.Maybey Sonny’ll be as generous next year! :)How many’d you eat Little Jackalope??
    I hope you and all of HerInteractive have a Merry Christmas.

    From me,

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