Roo Graduates College!

Hello sleuths! If you’re reading this that means I have already walked the stage and (hopefully) didn’t trip! I cannot believe I have finished college. These last four years have been filled with the most incredible memories, and besides what I learned in the classroom (which was quite a bit), I feel like I have learned so much about myself! 

The picture on the left is when I first toured DU, and the picture on the right is now! 

When I first started college, I had never lived outside of South Florida, and I was SO ready for something new! Moving to Denver to attend the University of Denver was honestly so scary, but SO exciting! The biggest “culture shock” for me honestly… was learning how to dress. It sounds silly, but coming from a place where you wear flip-flops and t-shirts all year round, your girl was struggling a bit when it came to the colder weather haha. Thankfully I had plenty of help from my friends who I met in my freshman dorm, and from constantly looking up “cute winter outfits” on Pinterest!

Shoutout to these ladies for showing me the ropes of Denver living, and sticking with me through it all!

It’s also so wild for me to think that when I first started out, I was an Anthropology major! I thought it would be so cool to work in a museum or work as an archaeologist on current dig sites. It wasn’t until halfway through my Sophomore year that I realized I wanted to pursue a career in game design! I had always been considered “artsy”, and take after my mom and her natural talent when it comes to drawing, painting, you name it! Playing Nancy Drew games and other mystery games growing up I knew I loved them, and I always admired scenery in games, character design, and anything else that added to the overall feeling of the game. One game specifically I loved for the looks was the game Keepsake (if you know, you know) I thought the castle in that game was so gorgeous and I still think about it daily. Thankfully, I was able to change my major pretty quickly (shoutout to my advisor who almost had a heart attack when I said I wanted to go from digging up history to computers) and even wrote HeR Interactive about my plans! 

When I made that decision, I never actually thought I would make it to where I am now. Last summer when I reached out again (and again, and again) to HeR Interactive practically begging them for an internship, I didn’t think it would actually lead to me working for the same company that had been making the games I grew up playing.

Here is little ole’ me playing Nancy Drew and The Hidden Staircase on my DS… clearly I was so shy back then

It is even crazier that I get to announce that I’ll be working at HeR Interactive full time now! The team here is so wonderful and I couldn’t imagine a better place to start my career right out of college! This team has gotten to witness the hardest year of college for me from making content at the same time as finals, to pulling my first (and only) all-nighter to finish an entire project (sorry I missed Monday’s meeting team, but by that point in the day I was as sleep deprives and as useless as if Sonny Joon was your intern… can you imagine?) But I am SO excited for what’s in store here and it quite literally feels like a dream I have yet to wake up from!

Now that my college days are behind me I can say with confidence they will definitely be missed… is it me or is someone cutting onions?! My eyes are just a bit sweaty that’s all…

Are you also graduating this year? What are your plans for after you receive that diploma? I WANT TO KNOW! Let me know down below and CONGRATULATIONS to all my fellow graduates whether it is high school, college, or beyond… WE DID IT! 😀


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  1. Samantha says:

    Congratulations, Roo! So excited for you and the doors that will open now that you’re done with school! I changed my major so many times in school too! I ended up deciding on history which was very much influenced by my love of learning about history in the Nancy Drew games. Good luck to you with your future endeavors!

  2. Kerstin says:

    Congrats, Roo! Both on graduating and the job! Your switch in majors reminds me of my own (chemistry to English–that one raised some eyebrows, too!).

  3. Jules says:

    Congrats, Roo! I’m going into my senior year of college, which is both exciting and terrifying! I major in media production (focusing in television production/screenwriting!) so it’s been a ride figuring out what I’m truly interested in! Wishing us both the best of luck 🙂 Fascinating method for securing an internship at HeR, hopefully I will have the same luck when I start applying for some my last semester!

    • Roo says:

      Congrats Jules! Cherish every moment big or small and don’t forget to have fun your last year of college! Good luck in finding an internship/job in the future … best advice I can give is to always follow up! haha 🙂

  4. Sophie says:

    Congrats Roo! So glad to see Her Interactive is growing its team!! They’re lucky to have you!! You said exciting things are in store, could this mean Nancy Drew game 34 is coming soon??

  5. Kanga says:

    Congratulations Roo!!! The gaming industry looks very fun yet challenging. Her Interactive is the perfect place for an all-star, life long Nancy Drew fan! So happy for you and wish you all the best in your very bright future!!! I know how hard you’ve worked.

  6. lc says:

    Congrats Roo! Excited to see everything else you accomplish – especially with HerInteractive and ND!

  7. Jennifer Lyman says:

    Congrats Roo! I am in my 50s and have been playing these games fooorrevver. I remember reading the Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys books. Now my 22-year-old daughter is a lifelong fan as well, having grown up playing the games with me. We’re both playing games again this 4th of July weekend. Hey! That would be a great theme for a future game! (Being that it’s my birthday, too ;)) There could be so many cool titles involving liberty, freedom, red, white, and blue. Anyhow…I got sidetracked. Sooo happy for you, you’ll have a blast helping to continue on with this amazing fun tradition!!!

    • Roo says:

      Thank you so much Jennifer! I love that you also played the games with your daughter as that’s exactly how I got into them growing up! I hope you two had a great time playing them this past weekend 😀

  8. Gregory Williamson says:

    wait hold up bro what am I even reading right know. I know you did not just say “It is even crazier that I get to announce that I’ll be working at HeR Interactive full time now! The team here is so wonderful and I couldn’t imagine a better place to start my career right out of college!” You mean to tell me theres a TEAM?!?!? HOW?!? What are you guys even doing? you have announced a single thing for literally 3 years lol you’ve just ghosted everyone how on earth is there a team behind this lol like how is that even possible. What do you even do?!?! You’ll be working full time there but what will you even be doing!? Full time blog posts?? Like what is even happening are you just managing a twitter account for a game company that doesnt release games full time? How can you even be employed full time at this place like literally what do you even do. Roo come on bro I know you’ll read this. Yes I’m talking to you reading this post right now. Stop shying away from it just tell me if you are at least dropping a new game or if you guys are no longer making anything. I see you replying to other comments to this blog post so don’t shy away from replying to this one you are literally reading this right now and evaluating all the words in your own head roo so just reply to this come on stop the games man. For a game company this seems to be the only game you guys play

    • Indy says:

      Hi Greg! Not Roo, but it’s Indy! Roo, others, and I are hard at work on many projects. Some of my favorites are things like our social media accounts such as Twitter and Instagram. Roo is the QUEEN of creating reels for Instagram and has been dabbling in longer videos on our Youtube account after a few people have reached out asking for longer vlog-style videos like we used to do. Roo and I also work closely with Brighella! She introduced herself a few posts ago. We all love to work on the merch store when we have extra time on our hands. They have made some really fun stickers and shirts and I worked on four cool travel posters this summer. Besides those items, we have been working on quite a few projects we aren’t ready to share with the clue crew jusstttt yet, but we cannot wait until that day comes! In the meantime keep checking our social media accounts, the blog, and don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter! Stay sluethy! -Indy

  9. Ms. Iz Pelouza Thyme says:

    with T, B, and now 3, the puzzle’s done, until the next adventure has begun.

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