Highlights from 2021

Happy New Year, sleuths! 

I can’t believe how fast 2021 seemed to fly by! The holidays left as quickly as they came and I thought it would be a fun idea to go over some great moments of the past year! We had some great moments and plenty of fun contests that happened in 2021.

One exciting thing we started off the year with was introducing the HeR News page!

These posts are filled with great information about important topics from Women in Stem to learning more about the history of Black creators in video games! Another fun thing that happened this year was Nancy Drew’s 91st anniversary and we celebrated with a collectible pin. Definitely be on the lookout for 2022’s collectibles. You won’t want to miss them! 

TikTok obviously took over in 2020 when we were all in quarantine, and it slowly but surely made its way over to Instagram this past year through Instagram Reels! These are fun videos we enjoy making and I definitely recommend checking them out next time you are scrolling through your feed.

Lastly, we had some AWESOME competitions in 2021! Starting the year off strong we had our Valentine’s Day card competition, then we were bringing in the heat with our Summer Cook-Off, and when Spooky Season came around we had our Pumpkin carving contest as well as our 31 days of Cosplay! 


I would love to take this as an opportunity to highlight some of the entries from this year’s lineup of Nancy Drew Cosplay!

Ami C.

Look familiar? These two were thinking outside the box when they dressed up as the Lollipop girls from The Legend of The Crystal Skull!

Sogol S.

Indy wanted to make sure I mention this wonderful take on the Alphonse Mucha painting seen in multiple classic ND games! Can you list all of the times this painting has made an appearance?

Please be on the lookout for our 2021 Cosplay’s Honorable Mentions video that will be on our YouTube channel soon and thank you to everyone who participated in our cosplay contest this year! We really enjoyed how creative everyone got with their entries and we look forward to future cosplays to come!

Also, if you haven’t already, there is still time to submit entries for our final contest of  2021, our Cookie contest! You can find the rules for that here and have time to bake your entries until January 3rd.

Here at HeR Interactive we just want to say THANK YOU for participating in the past year’s contests and we hope to see the same if not MORE enthusiasm in 2022! We have plenty of fun things in store for all our fans both longtime and new!

I recommend subscribing to our YouTube channel as well as following us on our other social media as we have some awesome things coming your way! Let us know down below what you are most excited about in 2022!

Have a wonderful New Year and as always, stay sleuthy!

– Roo

22 responses to “Highlights from 2021”

  1. Emerald says:

    Hi Roo,

    The images of the Cosplay seem to be broken. Can you fix them? Thanks.

  2. Yovana says:

    Hopefully 2022 comes with an update for game 34. If we get no hints this year, her interactive can probably say goodbye to their fan base :/ you can only replay the games so many times and nobody is willing to wait another 5 years again

    • CC says:

      I agree. If they keep their fans hanging much longer, they won’t have a fan base anymore. People like me who’s been playing since a child, who introduces new people to Nancy drew, who buys them as gifts for little girls to get them into the games and Nancy drew stories every chance I get, who has defended them even after MID, we are getting fed up with it. Just be more forthcoming. Every couple months just say you are working on characters, or designs, or a new concept, or a logo, anything. You don’t even have to give a picture or details, just let us know you are there and we are heard! That’s it!!

      • Indy says:

        Hi CC,

        Thank you so much for being a loyal fan over the years. We are planning on a game 34 but unfortunately, I am not able to share anything more at this time. Please keep following along because I promise the moment we have more to share we will share it here on the ASB! I know this isn’t the response you were probably hoping for, but I really do appreciate you being a loyal fan. -Indy

        • C. A. Connor says:

          I think part of what’s so frustrating is the “not able to share anything” line. Why not?! What risk could possibly accompany telling us some tiny detail, or even some kind of timeline? I think people would even be satisfied with something like, “We’ll have news in the next six months”; there is something about refusing to give us even the tiniest of crumbs that just seems deeply disrespectful to the fan community, intended or not.

          • Madi says:

            Yes, I think at the very least Her Interactive could tell us *Why* they cant say anything. Is it because they don’t want their ideas stolen? Or what? Simply stating what country the next game is going to be in isn’t exactly an idea that can be stolen, so if they could tell us *why* they can’t say anything it just might smooth some fan feathers.

          • CC says:

            Well usually a business doesn’t give any details until things are concrete. So they are probably still in development for the actual details, characters, story, etc. so they arent saying until it is 100% set. But i think they need to say they are actually working on it instead of planning to have another games. Thats concerning that they are not saying they are actually working on it. I mean what else could they be doing? I am sure they are working on it and honestly I would help out for free to get this thing on track LOL

  3. Foundation2430 says:

    Hopefully a new game!

  4. Mary says:

    Happy New Year, Roo!

    Roo… Kanga and Roo… and Winnie the Pooh… and will Nancy Drew ever go to Australia? She could visit JJ Ling, go to the opera (where a mystery is conveniently located), check out the wildlife situation now, or something else that gamers might like to do. In the planning or game forecasting, is Australia possible for any of the next three games? Just curious.

    • Roo says:

      Happy New Year Mary!

      That’s so funny you mention Kanga and Roo … my mom REALLY wanted to be named ‘Kanga’ in the cookie decorating video we did together! Haha 🙂

  5. Madi says:

    Hi, I was wondering if you have a link or something for the DS wrap of Hardy Boys Treasure on the Tracks? I tried to email Her Interactive about it but never got a response. Thanks!

    • Indy says:

      Hi Madi, Was this something that used to be available? I can try checking the archives but I am not 100% sure what you are referencing. The Hardy Boys Treasure on the Tracks was created by SEGA. Have you tried reaching out to them? -Indy

      • Huw Miller says:

        Hey Indy and Madi! I remember seeing Madi’s comment on a past ASB post when LJ was still working for HeR (it was sometime in 2021). I remember that LJ had shared the DS insert in a response comment. I can’t find the link, but I did save the pdf file. Whether Madi obtains it from myself or HeR, I know that it was shared at some point!

      • Madi says:

        I know some months up to a year or two ago I had asked before and they did give me a link to be able to download the pdf, but I don’t remember when I asked so I’m not able to find it on the blog. Thanks anyways

        • Indy says:

          Oo thank you! Between you and Huw’s response, I might be able to narrow down this request! Thank you both for informing me. -Indy

  6. budford says:

    Im at the point now, if the next game hasn’t come out its not going to happen. I tried to be positive but if it does come out I won’t be buying it. Ive held on long enough best of luck

  7. Mary says:

    Nearly speechless, as I always am when the contest entries and winners are shown: The ND fans might just be the most talented, creative, clever, and otherwise amazing contestants. And Her might have the best contests for the fans.

  8. Lia says:

    It’s been quite a while since I’ve been here and I haven’t been following the news, can someone fill me in? Why did Her Interactive stop making games? What happened?

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