Favorite Games to Play During Winter!

Seasons greetings fellow sleuths!

I always get so excited around this time of year for many reasons–obviously the holidays and everything that comes with those, the weather getting cooler and, of course, playing Nancy Drew! I don’t know about you, but I love playing certain games depending on the season. When the summer comes around my go-to’s are Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake and Secret of Shadow Ranch. However, I wanted to focus today on the games I enjoy most around the winter.

Starting strong, I love to play Treasure in the Royal Tower (TRT) during wintertime! It’ll be late at night (The “witching hour” as my favorite professor calls it) and I am all snuggled up while roaming the halls of Wickford Castle, finding out long-lost secrets about Marie Antoinette! From the atmosphere, the characters, and the story in TRT–this game has it all! I love how it can be fun, mysterious, and warm. I recommend this one for other night owls this winter season!

This next one might be a little more obvious, but I love playing White Wolf of Icicle Creek during the long, chilly months! The music and atmosphere set the scene for a white winter. I know this isn’t a crowd favorite but I also kind of love Fox and Geese! I love how challenging it is and when you get to use the different tokens during the game (if you know, you know) it just adds more depth to the game itself! From snowball fights to riding a snowmobile to ice fishing–this game transports you to a snowy, exciting, and at times very dangerous, winter vacation.

This last one is a personal fave of mine but I LOVE The Deadly Device! I love all the science and physics you get to learn about, the history of Nikola Tesla, and of course how to constantly be a menace to the one and only Mason Quinto! This game is the ultimate brain teaser, and I came out of it having a new respect for Tesla and his work as well as gummy bears. Let me set the scene: It’s chilly outside, you’re cuddled up in your favorite sweater, and, if you’re me, your favorite sweatpants, under a nice big blanket drinking a warm cup of tea. The first thing I am doing is starting this game!

What games are your favorites to play during the winter? Let me know in the comments below and happy sleuthing this holiday season!


18 responses to “Favorite Games to Play During Winter!”

  1. Anonymous says:

    The Deadly Device is my ultimate favorite no matter the season! I also love playing Waverly in winter 🙂

  2. Huw Miller says:

    The Deadly Device is one of my all-time favorites as well!! Everything about it is amazing.

  3. Victoria says:

    Hi, Roo!

    I like the Warnings At Waverly Academy. By the way, in Russian this game is called Notes of a black cat:)

    At first it’s autumn in this game, and then there’s more and more snow, and this warm and calm atmosphere at Academy. When I come in from the street, where the white light hurts my eyes a little, and then I go to the cozy library, I turn on the game “find a couple”.

    But that squirrel… she annoys me a little ;D It is impossible to remember which branch she jumps on, I have to record on video.

    For some reason, this is my favorite winter game.

    • Roo says:

      Hey, Victoria!

      That is so interesting that the Russian version goes by a different name! I wonder what other games also go by different titles?

      That squirrel is definitely mischievous! The tree puzzle always gets me too haha 🙂

      I can totally see why it’s your favorite!

      • Victoria says:

        Almost all the games are translated correctly (literally), but some names have been changed, I don’t know why.
        For example, “Danger by Design” was translated as “Dress For The First Lady”, “Captive Curse” – “The Curse of the Old Castle”, “Sea of Darkness” – “Song of Dark Waters”

  4. Madi says:

    I totally agree about White Wolf, been really wanting to play lately.

    • Roo says:

      Hi, Madi!

      I definitely recommend playing your favorites no matter the season! Playing the games is one of my favorite past times haha

  5. Holly Scott says:

    I used to love The white Wolf of icicle creek, but now when I try to load it, it will not play. Huge sadness for me

  6. Mary says:

    TRT! On or about Civil Rights Day 2022, I will be hunkering down in Butter Ridge, Wisconsin for a celebration of grouches, night owls, bling seekers, free-roaming rats, and Nancy Drew. They have rights, too, you know. (And they are conveniently situated in one of my fave ND games.)

  7. Liv says:

    My fave in the winter is Sea of Darkness!

    • Roo says:

      That’s another GREAT game for the Winter! I love the Northern Lights in the background and the mystery itself is awesome

  8. budford says:

    Warnings At Waverly is my favorite game but I agree with Victoria that squirrel puzzle is brutal.

  9. I totally agree with Treasure in the Royal Tower! The ambience of that game really sets the winter mood. I only wish Nancy could have had a cup of cocoa like Jacques suggested. Because that’s what I drink while playing the game! 😀

    • Roo says:

      I never thought to do that while playing! Definitely treating myself to some hot cocoa next time I play TRT! 😀

      Thank you for the tip haha

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