Hi everyone, I’m Roo!

Hi everyone, I’m Roo!

I know Indy shared this with you Friday, but if you haven’t watched my introduction video on YouTube, I recommend watching that ASAP! The basics that you need to know are that I’m a senior at the University of Denver, hoping to go into game design and that I was practically raised on Nancy Drew Games!

I’m so excited for the fun things to come during my internship and just with HeR Interactive in general! As Indy mentioned in the last blog post, I’ll be making blogs, Reels, other content and helping her out with the Amateur Sleuth Blog. During my interview process, I was challenged to come up with a potential blog post, social graphic, and an Instagram Reel. Indy’s first question was “When can we post these?!” Making these for the interview process was really fun. It was my first time making a Reel-style video. I give creators a lot of credit, they are very very hard to make! You spend hours filming and editing for a 30-second video! I hope you all like it!


So which Halloween aesthetic is your favorite? Think I missed one? Let me know in the comments below!


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  1. Jo says:

    Hi could we get the front box art for Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake and The Haunted Carousel on T-shirts? You have the blankets and mugs but no t-shirts. Also I was looking for The Ghost of Thornton Hall t-shirt and I can’t find it on Tee Spring I did find it on Amazon but they don’t offer many color choices. Thanks

    • Indy says:

      Hi Jo! Thank you for letting us know your interest in those designs. We reassess our merch store every few months based on feedback and the data of what is/isn’t selling. I will pass this along and see what we can do about getting these designs on some tshrits! -Indy

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