What’s Indy working on?

Hello little chefs!

This week has been a busy one for me and many others at Her Interactive! We have been going through the many delicious-looking entries from this summer’s cook-off. There are so many great ones it will definitely be hard to choose. We have had what seems like a record-breaking number of entries this year, so please be patient as we gather all of the images and videos. We are working to ensure everyone from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, private messages, and more are counted. In the meantime, here is a look back at some of my personal favorites I have seen come in.

Look at the detail on this Twitter entry by @evelynnadia!


This little guy by @lujyane on Twitter makes my heart happy 🙂
Mamma Mia! This Phantom of Venice pizza by Lizzy T on Facebook looks more like a work of art than food to me!

This absolute masterpiece of a cake was decorated by Meredith R from Facebook! Dare I say it almost looks better than our cover art?


Many of you have often asked what exactly I do at HerInteractive. Well, besides stare at pictures of food all day, I am working on a few other projects at the moment. Some secret, some I can share!

Videos like the one below are basically like a revolving door for me. The second I finish one promotional video, it is on to the next! This was one of my favorite videos that I have made since it got to involve the fans and some of last year’s contest entries.


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10 responses to “What’s Indy working on?”

  1. Emily says:

    The entries look wonderful! I am happy to see the Amateur Slueth blog continue. This is the first comment I have ever left but I often check these posts in hopes of new game sneak peaks. I am going to guess that your secret project is (hopefully) related to the next game.

  2. Mary says:

    Welcome! May I make a guess regarding your upcoming project? Mr. Woogle Wogle did it with the sticky paw from the partially-eaten Koko Kringle in the third book from the top. Who else could leave a hand print- erm- paw print like that!? He is the one who cut out the letters from the books. The hand-written note from MHM is a red herring. Or not.


  3. megan says:

    can i have a shout out for my 25th bday on the 25th?

  4. liv says:

    Hi, Indy! What part of the game making process are you guys at with the #33 Nancy Drew game? (researching, writing the plot, designing the characters/puzzles, developing, testing etc)

    • Indy says:

      Hi Liv, Game 33 was Midnight in Salem which we released on December 3rd, 2019. Since then we have read everyone’s feedback and are planning on game 34. At the moment I don’t have any official news to share. You can bet the second we have any updates on game 34 we will share on all of our social media, our website, and here on the ASB.

      • Taylor says:

        By saying you’re planning on it, this sounds like you haven’t even started creating game #34……. How is this possible?? It’s been 2 years. As a long time fan and sleuther, someone who has played literally every single game since they’ve been released, this is very disappointing. Fans clearly want 2 games per year again, how much more do we have to do to get this again??

        • Indy says:

          Hi Taylor, I really wish I could share more about game 34 but right now that’s it. I appreciate your loyalty as a fan and can say we are taking all of the feedback from MID and working to make sure Nancy’s legacy continues to live on

  5. Holly says:

    To me it looks like the secret project is wrapping paper! Or maybe a computer screensaver background.

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