Snooping for Character Secrets

In all the Nancy Drew games, all our characters have secrets, motives, means, or opportunities to commit a crime. This is what makes them suspects! Part of Nancy’s investigations has her snooping through people’s things, asking each person about the others, and doing research to learn if that particular character is guilty of the crime that Nancy is trying to solve.

Cue every player’s favorite pastime: snooping through people’s stuff!! I don’t know about you, but this is one of my favorite things – when a character goes away from their regular spot, and we have a chance to snoop and go through their things. So much information can be gained in this. The suspense of getting caught, rifling through things, unlocking drawers, and discovering vital clues are all part of the thrill!

That being said, I want to focus on the really cool moments we have had in the games. I shall try my best to avoid sharing any spoilers! One example of a great moment was in Legend of the Crystal Skull when Bess creates a contraption to get Lamont away from his desk so that she can snoop his backroom. I felt great tension that I could get caught at any moment and snooping through a box of stuff was so exciting!

Snooping Character Secrets

Another example would be in The Captive Curse when I can get Karl away from his desk. I love desks! Knowing I was on a timer – Karl could come back at any time – added to the suspense while I tried to figure out how to open his locked desk drawer. Once I opened it, I was intrigued by the information I found inside. I felt so rewarded for my snooping and quick actions.

Without telling us the revealed information about what you find and without telling us the secrets the character is hiding, tell us what your favorite snooping moment was! I want to hear!

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Stay sleuthy!
-Little Jackalope (Calina Herman)”

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15 responses to “Snooping for Character Secrets”

  1. Karl sure comes back quick, I can tell you that LJ! Haha! Let’s see this probably doesn’t count as learning suspects secrets but..I will say snooping and hiding from Paige at night in “Warnings At Waverly Academy” because those moments I feel like are so heart thumping and creepy and you gotta be super stealth!!!

  2. TC says:

    My favorite is when Nancy can get Soren away from his desk in SEA. I love solving the geological era puzzle before I get to snoop (and bonus – getting Soren to leave lets me snoop through luggage AND desk areas, plus it’s a funny scene getting him to leave), and a close second place is snooping through Miwako’s desk area at the ryokan in SAW (bonus – Suki!), and I agree that snooping through that box in back in Lamont’s store is one of the best moments, too. First time I played CRY, I was totally expecting Bess to get caught!

    SEA, especially, is absolutely filled with a great variety of places to snoop, and yet there are still people for Nancy to talk to whenever I want, so it never feels like she’s just wandering lonely (one of my few beefs with SSH, for example, where she spends so much time alone in the museum).

    • Little Jackalope says:

      Those are all such great moments! And yes, Nancy does seem to have the run of the museum in Secret of the Scarlet Hand!

  3. Grace says:

    Hello, are you guys actively making the new ND game, or are you just planning the details? Any insight on when new information will be shared? Hope things are going well

    • Little Jackalope says:

      Hi Grace! We are indeed working on another game. I do not have any idea when we will be sharing news about it, though.

  4. felicity18 says:

    My favorite snooping moment is in The Silent Spy. It’s the part where we snoop in Bridget’s room. It’s a very suspenseful moment for me.


  5. Madi says:

    I think one of the most intense snooping sessions is in The Deadly Device trying to snoop in the security office. I think I’ve gotten caught every time I’ve played the game. Haha, I think it can be more intense when you know the timer is very low (even if you’ve played the game multiple times before :D)

    • Little Jackalope says:

      Yeah, that’s a definitely hard snooping moment! At least getting Gray away from his desk is easy. LOL

  6. Claire says:

    Mine would have to be snooping around in front of the character while they were completely unaware i.e. counting sheep! Can think of a couple of games where that happens ;).

  7. Becca S says:

    i personally agree with the snooping! it puts me on the edge seat every time! the suspense parts like right before you see the “banshee” in Haunting of Castle Malloy does the same. I love a good jump scare!

    Is there a date of when we can hear some sort of info on the new game? I know its probably annoying for everyone to keep asking… but we are all eager to see what’s going on and to play. i’m pretty sure most of us have played most if not all of the games since the whole shut down. Thank you for being awesome!

    • Little Jackalope says:

      Hi Becca! Jump scares are my favorites, too. 😉 Sadly, I do not have any news or even a date when we will share news about the next game. 🙁

  8. budford says:

    Opening the letter with the teapot on Shadow at the Waters edge was a good one.

  9. Her Reader says:

    I like it when I can look through Holt Scotto’s duffle bag in Danger on Deception Island. It’s not suspenseful, but I can be nice about it because he asked me to look. Plus Bess in the back room of Zeke’s is very tense but it always makes me feel sorry for Lamont.

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