Snow Day 2021

Hello sleuths! This coming Tuesday is World Snow Day, a day that everyone can celebrate no matter if you have snow or not. Here in the Pacific Northwest, we rarely get snow. At this very moment it is sunny, wet from last night’s rain, and only 45 degrees F.

Since January isn’t a very festive month, we are finding ways to celebrate Nancy Drew games and playing indoors, maybe with a cup of cocoa… marshmallows included. Our Top 5 Games for New Detectives are on sale for 35% off, now through the 17th. When we created this page, we kept in mind the best games that we would recommend to new players of the Nancy Drew series. If you have already been introduced to Nancy Drew Games, or if you are new to the series, this is a great time to add one of these fantastic titles to your collection and enjoy some game time over the weekend.

Why The Silent Spy? I think it’s an overall terrific game!

Why Warnings at Waverly Academy? It is well balanced with exploration, puzzles, and character interest.

Why Ghost of Thornton Hall? It is an excellent scary game that is also beautiful.

Why The Haunted Carousel? It’s one of the easiest and family-friendly games.

Why Sea of Darkness? It is the latest game we built on our proprietary engine, and represents the most versatile puzzle collection.

Nancy Drew Mystery Adventure Games World Snow Day Sale on the Top 5 Games for New Detectives

Also, we are celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. day this Monday and will be out of the office. See you on World Snow Day!

-Little Jackalope (Calina Herman)

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8 responses to “Snow Day 2021”

  1. The Silent Spy, Warnings At Waverly Academy, Ghost Of Thornton Hall, The Haunted Carousal and Sea Of Darkness and every single Nancy Drew game ROCKS!!!!!!!

  2. Jessica Farmer says:

    When are we getting new games??

    • Little Jackalope says:

      Hi Jessica! I do not know when the next game will be released, but once I have info, I will be sure to share it!

  3. Madi says:

    So, on a side note… I was just wondering. With this whole experimenting deal that Her is doing with future games and all that and how they want to go into VR and all that… I was just wondering if overall the format(I’m not sure if format is the right word but oh well) for the games will be the same? Like, I know you’ve mentioned realMyst before and I hope Her doesn’t go down that route because for 1 I’ve tried VR before and games where you have to move around a lot gives me bad motion sickness and for 2 I recently bought realMyst on Steam and tried it out but that is exactly the kind of game that gives me motion sickness (and it did). Just something about all the movement… ND games have never given me motion sickness except for that maze game in Message in the Haunted Mansion. All in all, I just wanted to know if Her was aware that games like realMyst can give people motion sickness and there is nothing wrong with how Her is doing their games now, like (besides the huge lagging issue) MID was fine, but I think if it went a few more steps in the realMyst direction I (as well as other people like me) wouldn’t be able to play or wouldn’t be able to play it for very long… or wouldn’t want to. For example, I bought and play Spyro Reignited for the switch (I used to play Year of the Dragon on PS1) and I played for over an hour and felt sick but continued playing (big mistake). I felt motion sick into the next day.
    Anyways, I just hope Her is aware of that.
    Sorry for the long comment… Thanks for reading.

    • Little Jackalope says:

      Hello Madi! Thanks for sharing your concern. We have seen others comment their worry about the graphics since they get easily sick from motion as well. We are keeping this in mind for our future games. 🙂

  4. Foundation2430 says:

    Another game please. Just sayin’

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