Back to School and Food Entries

Hey all! Our Summer Cook-Off has ended and we at HeR Interactive are making the difficult choices to narrow down the top entries. And let me say – it is SOOO hard! You all did such great work on these food entries and it makes me so happy to see such great relation to Nancy Drew games in your magnificent photos! Stay tuned for the winner announcements for each category tomorrow (Friday). We will be posting to the web site, on social media and in our newsletter.


Many of our Nancy Drew game fans are heading “back to school” this year, or they have kids heading to school. I’m curious to hear from you lovely readers: are you a parent with kids going to school? Or are you a student yourself?

What does education look like for you this starting school year? Are you going back to the classes? Are you learning from home?

What is your school calling your learning situation this year? “Remote learning?” Distance learning? Something else?

I’ve been working on the Tomb of the Lost Queen worksheet to complete our list of top Teacher-recommended games. Remember when we live streamed some of the games with the worksheets? Fun times. What have you learned from the Nancy Drew games that has really stuck with you?

-Little Jackalope

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9 responses to “Back to School and Food Entries”

  1. That’s cool that your are making the Tomb Of The Lost Queen worksheet does this mean wer’e having another Learn & Play stream? I would have to say the one thing that I learned in a Nancy Drew Game that really sticks to me is Scotland from “The Silent Spy” because I am part Scottish and part polish and I love how every time I play that game it always teaches me more and more about my heritage, my Dad has some family at Scotland so he has been to Glasgow and Loch Lomond, I’m hoping visit my scottish relatives there someday, maybe I’ll some locations there that will remind of scenes from the game!

  2. Huw Miller says:

    Hey LJ! Is there going to be a back to school sale at all?

  3. megan says:

    can i have a shout out for my 24th bday on the 25th? i commented asking last friday but it looks like it didn’t go through?

  4. Finley says:

    I’m entering 7th Grade this year, but I’ll be learning online! The thing that I remember is from Labyrinth of Lies, I learned a lot about Greek Mythology, But I also learned a lot from Deadly Device and Secret of The Scarlet Hand.
    I love learning from these games and I hope you keep making more, HerInteractive!

  5. Valeria says:

    When I was younger I learnt a lot of important things from old Nancy Drew games like periodic table or information about precious stones etc. But the most useful thing was the structure of the DNA molecule. I used it on my Chemical lessons 🙂

  6. Jennifer Warpool says:

    Hey LJ! When will you be streaming again?

    • Little Jackalope says:

      Hi Jennifer! Ooo, I’m not sure yet… we don’t have it scheduled yet. But stay tuned for future alerts!

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