Father’s Day 2020!

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Nancy Drew Mystery Adventure Games Father's Day Weekend Sale Secret of the Old Clock

Do you play video games, table top games, or perhaps outdoor games with your Dad or kids? I did a TON as a teenager and while I was in college. I would come home from school and we would play video games together. Such good times!

-Little Jackalope

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5 responses to “Father’s Day 2020!”

  1. Hey LJ when will we have another Nancy Drew Learn & Play stream or a Nancy Drew Stream?

    • Little Jackalope says:

      Hi Jillian! We don’t have any other live streams scheduled at this time, but keep an eye out on our social media posts and web site and newsletter for the next planned event!

  2. On Father’s Day, I made my Dad & my Grandpa each a card and that day and Monday my family & I watched one of my favorite movies “Jaws” because the day before that my brother & I found out that it has actually been 45 years since it first came out so we watched part of it on Father’s Day but we had to stop it because my aunt & uncle, one of my cousins and her husband and my new baby cousin were face timing us and then seconds later my other brother & my sister-in-law and niece & nephew face timed us so we weren’t able to watch the rest of it so we finished watching it the next day, haha!

  3. Foundation2430 says:

    Any news on another Nancy Drew game? Just checking to see if y’all are still making any more. Will it take as long as MID did?

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