MID Cover Art Wallpaper and Weekend Puzzle #367

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If anyone would like to set your desktop wallpaper to the Midnight in Salem cover art, you can download a widescreen version here, which is also located in the download section of the MID page.

Nancy Drew Midnight in Salem Desktop Wallpaper

In honor of our Cookie Contest (learn more about the contest here!) I’ve created a simple, fun logic puzzle for the weekend. There are no secret messages involved, so just try to figure it out and post your answer in the comments section below. Next week I will reveal the answer so you can see if you got it. No worries, this one is set to Easy level. 😉

Lauren asks Nancy’s help in making shortbread sandwich cookies and gifting them to people. She has only one serving of each filling and one cookie topper design. She took some requests and wrote down these notes:

People to give cookies to:

  • Frank
  • Joe
  • Olivia
  • Mei
  • Teegan
  • Deirdre

Cookie Topper Designs:

Fillings and cookie base:


Lauren’s Notes:

  • Frank doesn’t like citrus flavors
  • Joe will eat anything
  • Olivia wants a character design, not a still object
  • Deirdre likes chocolate spread
  • Teegan prefers berry jams
  • The lantern is raspberry
  • The ghost has a citrus curd filling
  • Mei wants the leaf
  • The witch design goes to a boy
  • The house is blueberry
  • Frank likes the lantern
  • The witch is not a curd
  • The leaf is not lemon

Who gets what kind of cookie?

-Little Jackalope

33 responses to “MID Cover Art Wallpaper and Weekend Puzzle #367”

  1. Steph says:

    Frank: Lantern, Raspberry Jam.
    Joe: Witch, Orange Marmalade.
    Olivia: Ghost, Lemon Curd.
    Mei: Leaf, Lime Curd.
    Teegan: House, Blueberry Jam.
    Deirdre: Pumpkin, Chocolate

  2. Joseph C says:

    Here’s what I got. Thanks for another weekend puzzle!
    Frank: Raspberry jam lantern
    Joe: Orange marmalade witch
    Olivia: Lemon curd ghost
    Mei: Lime curd leaf
    Teegan: Blueberry jam house
    Deirdre: Chocolate pumpkin

  3. Erin says:

    I just want to say how proud I am of the HerInteractive team for working so hard on MID to make it great for the fans. I know we had to wait several years, but I admire HER for taking their time to perfect the game for us. I am still waiting on my physical copy to arrive, but it is supposed to come soon, and I am so excited to play it! From what I have seen I think it will be worth the wait! Thank you again HerInteractive for your continued dedication to and caring of your fans, and I will be a fan and supporter for life! <3 -Erin

    • Little Jackalope says:

      Aw thanks for the encouragement, Erin! We hope you enjoy the game once you receive it! Thanks for being such a great fan!

  4. M says:

    Frank – Lantern with Raspberry Jame
    Joe – Witch with Orange Marmalade
    Olivia – Ghost with Lemon Curd
    Mei – Leaf with Lime Curd
    Teegan – House with Blueberry
    Deirdre – Pumpkin with Chocolate

  5. Alyssa says:

    Mei – Leaf with Lime Curd
    Deirdre- Pumpkin with Chocolate
    Frank- Lantern with Raspberry Jam
    Joe-Witch with Orange Marmalade
    Olivia- Ghost with Lemon Curd
    Teegan- House with Blueberry Jam

    Thanks, that was a fun puzzle!

  6. Chantal Moore says:

    Just finished Midnight in Salem today! I need more ND already!
    I got:
    F is raspberry lantern
    J is orange witch
    O is lemon ghost
    M is lime leaf
    T is blueberry house
    D is chocolate pumpkin

  7. C Martin says:

    Here’s my answer:
    Frank gets the lantern with the raspberry jam.
    Joe gets the witch with the orange marmalade.
    Deirdre gets the pumpkin with the chocolate spread.
    Olivia gets the ghost with the lemon curd.
    Mei gets the leaf with the lime curd.
    Teegan gets the house with the blueberry jam.

    Great puzzle!

  8. Laura Hartley says:

    Great to have weekend puzzles back!

    Frank gets a raspberry jam lantern cookie
    Joe gets an orange marmalade witch cookie
    Olivia gets a lemon curd ghost cookie
    Mei gets a lime curd leaf cookie
    Teegan gets a blueberry jam house cookie
    Deirdre gets a chocolate spread pumpkin cookie.

    I love these kinds of puzzles and I can’t wait for some harder ones in the future.
    Thanks LJ

  9. PenguinAshe says:

    Frank – Lantern Raspberry Jam
    Joe – Witch Orange Marmalade
    Olivia – Ghost Lemon Curd
    Teegan – House Blueberry Jam
    Deidre – Pumpkin Chocolate
    Mei – Leaf Lime Curd

  10. Andrew Baldwin says:

    Hi LJ. I just finished playing MID and it was way better than I thought. I was also wondering where I can find the metal creaking sound effect in STFD? The one that plays when the klieg light is about to fall. I am also looking for that crash sound effect when the light falls. It would be perfect for my project. Thanks.

    • Little Jackalope says:

      Hello Andrew! I’m glad you enjoyed Midnight in Salem! About the sound effect – I’m sorry but I do not know what the name of that sound file is. Perhaps try looking up free or purchasable sound effects online?

  11. hbndgirl says:

    I think I got it:
    Frank – raspberry lantern
    Joe – orange marmalade witch
    Olivia – lemon curd ghost
    Deirdre – chocolate pumpkin
    Teegan – blueberry house
    Mei – lime curd leaf

  12. Savannah Crowley says:

    Hi Little Jackalope –

    Is there a way to get a message through HeR to update the games that Mac users can play? I just updated my mac and I can no longer play any of the older Nancy Drew games and I’m so sad! So much money has gone down the waste. Hundreds 🙁

    • Little Jackalope says:

      Hi Savannah, this is very sad news. The HeR Interactive team is aware of the Mac operating system upgrade. The system only plays 64-bit games, and nothing less. Unfortunately, our games were built as 32-bit since it is low and easy for many people to play. Sadly, this is an issue we cannot fix since it comes from Apple. The best I can suggest is finding an older operating Mac computer or a PC to play your older games. 🙁

  13. Sophie says:

    Pretty sure this is the right answer:

    Frank:Lantern/Raspberry Jam
    Joe: Witch/Orange Marmalade
    Olivia: Ghost/Lemon Curd
    Mei: Leaf/Lime Curd
    Teegan: House/Blueberry
    Deirdre: Pumpkin/Chocolate Spread

    P.S. I get my physical game today and I am really excited to play! Thanks for the puzzle L.J.!

    • Little Jackalope says:

      You got it, Sophie! Well done! (And you are most welcome for the puzzle!) 😉 Hope you enjoy Midnight in Salem!

  14. Kokokringlecat22 says:

    Yay, I love these types of puzzles! 🙂
    This is what I got:
    Frank = Lantern + Raspberry
    Joe = Witch + Orange Marmalade
    Olivia = Ghost + Lemon Curd
    Mei = Leaf + Lime Curd
    Teegan = House + Blueberry
    Deirdre = Pumpkin + Chocolate
    I started playing MID a few days ago and it’s really fun, but the dialogue is very slow on my computer, even when it is on the lowest resolution with the graphics and shadows. Any tips? Thanks!

    • Little Jackalope says:

      Correct! You solved it! Nice work. 😉 Glad you are enjoying MID so far! As for the slow speech, it sounds like you did everything correct. Hm… you are welcome to email us at techsupport@herinteractive.com, but let us know all your computer specs so we can take a look at what could be the hold up.

  15. ND1to32fan says:

    Frank – lantern raspberry (typed the wrong thing. My bad!)
    Joe – witch orange
    Olivia – ghost lemon
    Mei – leaf lime
    Teegan – house blueberry
    Deirdre – pumpkin chocolate

  16. Andrew Baldwin says:

    Hi LJ. In the Mei Parry teaser she said “You couldn’t leave it alone, could you?” In a sinister way. In the game it didn’t sound so sinister. Was it because it was a different voice actor since in the Mei teaser the voice actor sounded completely different from the one in the final game.

    • Little Jackalope says:

      Hi Andrew, I believe we had a different take on the voice overs. For most of our lines we recorded 2-3 versions and selected one as the final.

  17. TC says:

    Is it true that we can email HeR for a revised copy of the cover for the physical CD? In the one that comes with the game, the title is so faint you can’t even see it. I’ve heard that HeR has made an improved copy of the cover. If so, what email address do we contact?

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