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Check this out: we are having a big contest! Pose in your best “Hidden Staircase” pose for a chance to win a movie prize pack! (There will be TEN winners!) Learn more here!

Nnacy Drew Mystery Adventure Movie Contest

Also, Nancy Drew and The Hidden Staircase movie is out for purchasing! Learn more here.

Mark your calendars, we are having another party! Follow us on Twitch here.

Nancy Drew Mystery Adventure Games Twitch Party

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Nancy Drew Mystery Adventure Games

Did you hear the news? Pamela Sue Martin, who played Nancy Drew in the 1970s TV series, will have a guest role in the upcoming pilot episode of the CW TV Nancy Drew series! Read the article here and tell me what you think!

-Little Jackalope

17 responses to “Hidden Staircase Contest”

  1. Wer’e playing it on senior mode right?

  2. Already got them marked on my calendar I sure will be there with no last minute changes! All three of them!

  3. I’ll be there for all three twitch streams!
    So excited for Pamela Sue to guest star in the new series!

  4. Alex says:

    When will we be able to preorder MID, since it’s coming out within the next couple months?

  5. Lexi Myers says:

    Do you think we can expect a release date for the newest ND game soon?

  6. Foundation2430 says:

    What happened?

    I have been following on this blog for a long time and I have enjoyed all the sneak peaks and the “behind the scenes” mementos.
    But lately In the last 3 years, there really hasn’t been much communication or any news like there used to be. Is HER done? I have heard rumors and I’m beginning to think it’s true. I guess HER doesn’t have it anymore, not sure. But it’s been 4 years since your last game and that is not good for a gaming company. Either you don’t have the funds or it just isn’t like it used to be. Sorry but from a fan of Nancy Drew that used to get 2 games a year and enjoy the old game platform, I’m asking where is HER? On the moon? Nobody is saying anything and it seems when a question is asked, HER dodges it every time. I’m not being mean but I see what I see. A gaming company that is a really good company but it’s definitely not like it was 3 years ago. There has been. A lot of changes with HER. I like the idea of having a new platform to play on, that’s great, but does it seem weird that it takes 4 years for a new game that was supposed to come out 4 years ago? Somethings wrong when we used to get 2 games a year?????
    -please answer or at least tell us something or that you have info because a lot of fans and friends that have played Nancy Drew games have completely quit looking for a new games because it’s never gonna come out. What would you think if you was in our shoes??? A company that has gone downhill. A company that is not what it once been. Let’s just be honest.
    -concerned customer.

    • Little Jackalope says:

      Hello concerned customer, I’m sorry I haven’t been able to provide any sneak peaks, works in progress, behind the scenes content, or even any teases. I really hope to provide more of that in the future. Our team is indeed working on Midnight in Salem, and yes, it will be made with a better engine that allows for more possibilities. Once MID is released and we begin work on the game after that, I really don’t think it will take another 4 years to make. The reason we were able to make 2 games a year was because everyone new the antiquated proprietary system, and we had a regular rhythm down. Since we are expanding the Nancy Drew game into a more robust game, it is taking us longer to re-adapt to the system and expand the design, add more characters, and new puzzle and UI features. I think the end result will be very exciting! I’m looking forward to when I am able to share more specifics with you. 🙂

  7. Little Jackolope, I just got your thank you card! I love Charlotte I think she’s creepy and beautiful at the same time, I knew you send out cards to whoever won a prize from a contest and a twitch stream and it’s looks like it must’ve came from a stationary you guys have, I love that you should put that in your merchandise! I put it on my shelf that is above my bed where I keep all my special things on display, my medals, I have disney stuff on there! And I love the picture of Cassian which I stuck on my mirror! I know I’ll see you on Wednesday but I didn’t want any of the fans to feel bad that I got you something and some didn’t, but thanks again! See you in a couple days, the twitch streams are always what I look forward to every month!

  8. Jillion says:

    Do you all plan to release MID on iPads too? If so I plan to purchase the pc and the iPad version!

    • Little Jackalope says:

      Hello Jillion! We haven’t announced which platforms MID will be released on – but when we do, it will be on the MID web page.

  9. Does the stationary feature all of the games?
    What over cards do you have of them?
    I know you Sea of Darkness and Charlotte of course that’ the one you gave me!

    • Little Jackalope says:

      We special ordered our stationery from another company, before we started our Teespring store. Take a look through our storefront and see what we have to offer!

  10. And you even spelled my last name right on the envelope not everybody in my life or my family’s can spell it correctly with one “T” like sometimes when I’m in the newspaper for Special Olympics or when my name is in program booklets for my shows they put two “T’s” haha! I really appreciate that!Thank you!

  11. I also love Cassian’s little mow hawk in the picture, I had a little bit of that when I was baby it’s funny because when my parents thought I was going to be a boy, one of the name ideas for me was Cory and then my brother Tim he’s a huge fan of the show “Boy Meets World” he got all excited about that name because I would’ve been named Cory Matthews!

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