Read Across America Day 2019

Happy Read Across America Day! Tell me, which Nancy Drew mystery story is your favorite? (There are so many Nancy Drew books out there!) Today only, we have a sale on the Nancy Drew Diaries on our web site. Shop here.

Nancy Drew Mystery Adventure games diaries books

Also, we have the Ultimate Nancy Drew Journals on sale, too. Shop here!

March Madness begins today! Vote on Facebook or Twitter on what food is the best! See the brackets and download your own chart to fill out here!

-Little Jackalope

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19 responses to “Read Across America Day 2019”

  1. My favorites are The Hidden Staircase and Secret Of Shadow Ranch! I cannot wait for the new movie to come out! Won’t be too long!

  2. Mary says:

    Just ordered one for myself! 🙂 I can’t wait to use it to keep notes for MID, is the game still scheduled to be released this spring?

  3. Is Ned, Bess & George are going to be in MID as phone characters or have you guys not thought about that part yet?

    • Little Jackalope says:

      Hi Jillian! So far we have only announced the Hardy boys as being in MID, no news yet on the rest of Nancy’s friends. 🙁

      • Yes I heard, very EXCITED!!! Are you guys almost finished making the game? It’s only a couple months until it comes out.

      • felicity18 says:

        Hi LJ,

        I need you to clarify something for me. Are the Hardy Boys going to be actual characters in the game or phine contacts?

        Thanks, your the best

        • Little Jackalope says:

          Hi felicity18! I cannot say just yet about the Hardy boys, but you’ll at the very least get to see their illustrations in the game. 😉

        • Lia says:

          Hi felicity18! LJ already confirmed it (credit goes to the thread of facts on the message boards).

          January 11: “The Hardy Boys will be physical characters in the game and not just phone friends.” (Jan 9, ASB – Old Concept Art – The Creature)

          I hope that helps! 🙂

  4. The suspects that are going to be featured in look and sound very interesting, that’s cool that Judge Danford is a retired judge, my Dad’s retired too, he was a music teacher back in NJ, he taught singing and theater!

  5. Nicole says:

    could I have a birthday shout out for myself on March 12?

  6. hpfan0324 says:

    My favorite was The Hidden Staircase! Also, can I get a mention for my birthday on March 24th when you do birthday mentions for March?? Thanks!!

  7. Guest says:

    Just discovered the Diaries a few months back, they were surprisingly very good, even for a little bit older reader like myself. They make for good ‘light’ reading.

    If you don’t mind yet another MID question or two…
    Is the release time frame for MID still definitely Spring of 2019? (Not wanting a specific date, just wanting to know if ‘Spring’ is still it.)

    Will you still be doing the special Bonus pre-order editions?

    • Little Jackalope says:

      Hello Guest, so far, the only release date we have announced is “Spring 2019.” Stay tuned for a more specific date later.

  8. Carmen says:

    Spring starts March 20th…are we still not going to receive a release date by that point? It seems so strange that with this much time to work on the game there hasn’t been any other updates on the game release date especially now that Spribg is finally here. The last official update was so long ago…Dec 2018.

  9. Shizukafire says:

    Hey LJ! Could you do a birthday shout-out for me on March 25 with a DED theme?

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